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19.7 LAG


Lag (also known as latency) is an unfortunate part of all internet gaming

When you connect to Achaea, your connection will be routed through many
(perhaps as many as 15 or 20) different computers on different connecting
networks. If any of those computers on those networks are having problems or
are just overloaded, you will experience lag. This isn't only Achaea. This is
the way the internet works. Due to this, we are unable to honour requests for
recompensation of experience or other loss due to lag, unless it is quite clear
that the problems are under number 8 below!

Any one of these many elements may be responsible for what people call 'lag':
1) other processes/programs on your own computer.
2) your telnet/mud client, such as zmud, mushclient, or the Nexus client.
3) your own network device (ethernet card, for example).
4) your router, modem, cable modem, or the like.
5) the line between your home/school/office and your ISP.
6) any number of lines or routers between your ISP and HSP.
7) lines/routers inside our HSP.
8) anything in, or connected to, Achaea's computers, including the game code.

Experiencing lag can be very frustrating - we know very well, since most of us
connect to Achaea many hours daily, just like our players. Please, do resist
the temptation to discuss it on public channels, though (See HELP ROLEPOINTS
for more on this).

All we can really recommend in the case of internet lag is to suffer through
it, or come back later.