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11.8.14 Keresis, Goddess of Vengeance

The Goddess Keresis was slain on Nishnatoba in 613 AF by Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

Vengeance is well known to the population of Sapience. Each mortal and
denizen has felt the all-consuming desire for revenge and the
emotionless plotting that kindles after the flames die. Keresis, Goddess
of Vengeance was the avatar of these urges and Her realm embodied both
the passionate and the cold-hearted.

Once a dreadlord under the command of the God Shaitan, Keresis is not apologetic 
for Her ways, and She cared little for those who wished to be coddled and led
down the path of true Vengeance. Those who embodied Her teachings were Her 
children, and She was their harsh but loving mother.

Her Divine symbol was of a sword pointing down with a large python
twisting around the blade. Perched upon the pommel of the blade is a
large crow with its wings outspread.