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9.52 Ink Milling

This trade skill allows you to create your own inks and pigments as well as
increase the speed of inking tattoos, create custom-dyed letters and posters,
create warpaint, and more!

Inkmilling requires a mill, and various reagents. For example, if one was to
mill for a red ink, the reagents are one red reagent and one common reagent.
You would put a piece of red clay (or a sliver of red chitin), and a fish
scale into your mill and MILL FOR RED.

Mills are available for purchase from various player-owned shops, as well as
from Jingo in Delos.

To begin your journey as a craftsman, seek out Amarisse at the Delosian
Crafters Union in Delos. Once there, ASK AMARISSE GAIN <trade skill>.