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15.13 Illusions, PK, Scams, and the like

(See also HELP SCAMS)

Don't believe everything you see!

Many in Achaea are able to create Illusions. These illusions can be extremely
convincing, appearing precisely as though they were something else entirely.
Some of these illusions may even mimic the colouration of other things in the
realms, such as shouts or tells.

Several sorts of illusions are forbidden:
- illusions that appear to be from or about any immortal, staff, or admin of
- illusions that appear to be game-wide announcements.
- illusions of credit transfers (more at HELP SCAMS).
- illusions falsely portraying the actions of an unaffiliated person. This
  includes illusions of attacks or theft by random adventurers.
- OOC system messages (like queue or curing system messages.)
No illusion should be able to use bold white, which is colour 15 if you refer

Illusions may freely mimic pretty much anything else, including giving or
receiving gold, tells, receiving or removing afflictions or defences, etc.

Illusions may be adapted to mimic the colouration of someone's Lethals
configuration by prepending the illusion with LETHAL or LETHALS 
This is case-sensitive and this will work for all illusion skills and the 
staff of illusions. This will not be possible for area-wide (or any further-
reaching) illusions that may be possible with a Shar'ilian lightspire.

Please note: if you cast an illusion on someone so they appear to have been
attacked, you should be aware that they may take an appropriate IC response to
that, such as attacking you in turn or hiring a mark. Your actions began the conflict!

(See also HELP SCAMS)