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8.99.1 Guild of Knights

The Guild of Knights is refounded, built upon the vision of its original namesake and pledged to safeguard the legacy and traditions of knighthood.

Its roots reaching beyond the Seleucarian Empire, Knighthood is a tradition once carried on by the three Inheritor Guilds: the Templar, the Maldaathi, the Runewardens, and their successor Houses. In the modern age, the surviving chivalric orders united to refound the Guild of Knights, headquartered in the former Imperial Duchy of Aster Malik, to preserve the Code of Chivalry and dawn another golden age of Honour. 

Led by a Knight Arbiter chosen from a Council representing each recognised order, the Guild sets the standard of chivalry for all Knights of the realm. Holding order over enmity, each is held accountable to their oath, governed by the authority of the knighted, under the banner of chivalry.

With honour unstained and oaths unbreakable, the Guild of Knights stands as a symbol of higher calling.