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18.2.1 GMT/UTC - Greenwich Mean Time, and other Real World time things.

Nearly all times quoted by Achaea's administration will be quoted in GMT, which
stands for Greenwich Mean Time. This is the standard upon which the world's
clocks are based. So, because Achaea is an international game this is the
easiest way of quoting real time. Unfortunately, because of daylight savings
time, GMT can get confusing, as it does not 'turn its clock ahead' (or back).

GMT is also commonly referred to as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

All times here are quoted outside of Daylight Savings Time. If you are in
Daylight Savings Time, you are an hour further ahead relative to GMT.

If you are in:

England         GMT
Europe          GMT to GMT +2
South America   GMT -5 to GMT -3

South Pacific   GMT +12 to GMT +10
Korea           GMT +9
Japan           GMT +9
Australia       GMT +8 to GMT +10
China           GMT +8
India           GMT +5.5
Iraq            GMT +3 
Israel          GMT +2 
Africa          GMT to GMT +3