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12.6.3 Forest Watch

Forest Watch was originally perhaps the oldest human settlement outside of
Ceylon. Soon after it was established, aeons ago, the dryads, furious that
forest had been clear-cut to make way for Forest Watch, attacked, putting the
fledgling human settlement in grave danger. Soon however, a small army of
buckawns came to the rescue of the imperiled humans, offering their help in the
hopes of striking a blow against their eternal enemies, the dryads.

The dryads, being generally peaceful if passionate beings, were soon driven
back by the buckawns, who were then cast aside from the scornful human
inhabitants. As the buckawns had no use for the humans but to use them to help
strike at the dryads, the buckawns took their revenge by turning the humans
into their undead zombie slaves.

Located in the Northern Ithmia, Forest Watch was re-discovered following the
death of Gaia, when the decay of the forests opened an ancient path that had 
grown over centuries ago.