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13.7.7 Entanglement

While fighting another adventurer or denizen, you may find yourself unable
to move due to being entangled in some way or another. There are numerous
types of entanglement -- you could become "webbed" by a web tattoo, or
entangled in ropes, or impaled by a weapon, or transfixed by elemental fire,
and more. 

When you are in such a predicament, you must WRITHE to free yourself. It
takes time to writhe out from entanglement, and if you WRITHE again while
you are already writhing, it will take even longer! Just WRITHE once, then
wait until you are free of that entanglement.

It is possible for you to be entangled in more than one way at the same
time. For example, you could be both entangled in a web tattoo, AND impaled
by a weapon. In such cases, you will need to WRITHE once, then wait until
you are free from the first entanglement, then WRITHE again.