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12.9.3 Dun Valley


The Barony of Dun Valley is found in the heart of the western Vashnars, in the
shadow of the tall Dun Peak. By some trick of the environment, or, more likely,
great magic, part of it remains tropical year-round, and houses a virtual
menagerie of beasts. Though Dun was at one time briefly the centre of world
affairs, during the dark time of control by Zh'risia the Tsol'teth, Dun has
returned to a more placid pace of life.

Mighty Dun Fortress occupies the mountain at the centre of the valley, and is
surrounded by the orc and ogre villages of Thalagor and Gar'nok. The valley
itself is populated by a primitive tribe of men, embittered and upset with the
invasion of 'their' valley by the orcs and ogres that inhabit and rule the
valley from the massive fortress.