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Dominion is a skill that may be thought of as having three distinct parts.
The first part involves the acquisition of one of the hounds of Lycantha; 
a dark pact that will grant many benefits to both parties. To seek your 
hound, visit Lord Lycantha upon the Chaos Plane and HOUND REQUEST.
The second part of Dominion is archery. By gaining the abilities to assess 
wind direction and speed and use different kinds of bows (longbows, 
crossbows, darkbows) you may attack from afar, or shoot at a cowardly 
opponent who has fled from you.
The third and final part of Dominion involves an assortment of aggressive
abilities ranging from howling a Battlecry, to Engaging your unlucky 
opponent, to boosting your prowess with Fury.
In addition you may use HOUND SANCTUARY <hound#> to send the hound of 
another Unnamable to safety.
   - The hound's owner must not be logged in.
   - You must be of the same house or city as the hound's owner.
   - You must be of a higher rank than the owner in said organisation.
   - You must have uninterrupted concentration for a short period.