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10.8.2 Doctrines

Doctrines determine a city's political stance in regards to the world of Achaea at large. These are your goals for conquest and your agreements for protection.

All cities can have a doctrine containing five objectives by default. Having a larger highly ranked military relative to total population size will increase this number.

Conquering or liberating an area that you have as an objective in your doctrine will give a bonus to spirit generated by that area. You are free to conquer and liberate areas that are not in your doctrine, but these will not award a bonus to spirit generation.

The City leader can set doctrines from their respective city's war room.

Ashtan    - The War Room of Ashtan.
Cyrene    - War Room of Cyrene. 
Eleusis   - Plated hollow of War. 
Hashan    - The War Room of Hashan.
Mhaldor   - The Chamber of Conquest. 
Targossas - A secluded chamber.

   - create a doctrine for the next campaign (starting the next time Sarapin begins)

DOCTRINE OBJECTIVE <conquest|protection> <area>
   - add an objective (the area name) to this doctrine.
   - CONQUEST means you aim to conquer this area.
   - PROTECTION means if an allied area, you will conquer this. I.E Mhaldor conquers Blackrock, Ashtan conquering New Thera. If a non allied area, you vow to keep this area free from conquest. I.E Cyrene pledging to Moghedu.
DOCTRINE REMOVE <objective> 
   - remove an objective

   - Sets the duration of your Eidolic phase for the year.
   - SHORT/DEFAULT : two OOC hours.
   - MEDIUM : three OOC hours (default + one).
   - LONG : four hours (default + two).

   - lock the doctrine in, cannot be edited after this is done and it becomes active. 
   - All doctrines automatically seal at the start of Sarapin for the relevant year (so all doctrines for 1000 AF will seal at the start of Sarapin 1000 AF if you do not do so manually).

   - read the currently relevant doctrine. 
   - check the archives if you specify a year.

   - with no year specified lists all years that had a doctrine.
   - specify a year and it gives the full breakdown for the doctrine for that year.

If you have a sealed doctrine, you can begin work on the one for the following year that will come after the current campaign, if you really want to get ahead of the game! 

If Sarapin rolls around and a doctrine is not set, then that year's activity will generate no bonus spirit, only base amounts.