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13.2.1 Defence

Many products gathered and produced by those proficient in Harvesting, Synthesis,
and Remedies can be used not only to heal the body, but to protect against
attacks and grant other beneficial effects.

Defence                         Action  Herbal Cause    Alchemical Cause
-------                         ------  ------------    ----------------
Ability to waken quickly        Eat     Kola            Quartz
Blindness                       Eat     Bayberry        Arsenic
Blocks serpent bites            Apply   Sileris         Quicksilver
Deathsight                      Eat     Skullcap        Azurite
Deafness                        Eat     Hawthorn        Calamine
Improved learning               Eat     Myrrh           Bisemutum
Increased ability to dodge      Sip     Speed           Speed
Insomnia                        Eat     Cohosh          Gypsum
Levitate above the ground       Sip     Levitation      Levitation
Prevents you from being
  moved by someone else         Apply   Mass            Mass
Protection from cold attacks    Apply   Caloric         Caloric
Resistance to fire damage       Sip     Frost           Frost
Resistance to poison damage     Sip     Venom           Venom
Third Eye                       Eat     Echinacea       Dolomite
Water breathing                 Eat     Pear            Calcite
Weapon-rebounding               Smoke   Skullcap        Malachite

A list of all the defences can be accessed with DEFENCE LIST.

For a detailed description of specific defence, use: DEFENCE SHOW <defence>.