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12.3.5 Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars

Secluded deep within the majestic Vashnar Mountain range with Lake Muurn to the
south, Cyrene truly is the heart and soul of the Vashnars. Founded by Cyr
Ruminic and Enna Ministrickle as a refuge and place of peace, this tradition
carries on even since her re-founding by adventurers seeking a quieter life. A
sanctuary to those who seek civility and independent thought, Cyrene has ever
been at the forefront of culture, art, and craftsmanship.

Whether it is the crisp and clean mountain air, the frequent snowfall, or the
peaceful atmosphere from being ensconced deep in the mountains, Cyrene has
flourished unhindered for over two millennia, and has grown into a city of
remarkable strength and unity. Within her walls can be found three Houses that,
together, exemplify the best of what Cyrene encompasses. Dutifully guarding the
city are the proud members of the Vashnarian Shield, whose numbers comprise the
bulk of her army. Representing the artists and crafters of Cyrene, the Virtuosi
help confirm the Heart of the Vashnars as a renowned font of high culture. With
their skills in exploration and a deep love of history and the academic, the
Discurean Outriders are the vanguard of Cyrene's outward reach and attract
those most eager to see the world.

With an ethos founded solidly in decency and rule of law, citizens espouse the
consideration of their peers and exercise tolerance for individual pursuits, as
long as the community is not threatened. Ever mindful of her roots as a refuge
for those escaping the wars between Ashtan and ancient Shallam, Cyrene remains
fiercely independent and withdrawn from many of the conflicts that occur beyond
her walls. With more than just a touch of xenophobia, Cyrene places her own
interests first in all things, ensuring the stability and continued freedom of
her citizens, her ideals, and her ancient, founding spirit. Not easily
provoked, when Cyrene rises to a challenge and defends against her foes, she
does so as a united and indomitable force.