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9.88 Charnel

Be it within the inscrutable confines of the Conclave or the implacable depths 
of the Underrealm, the halls of crystal harmonies or the workshops of artifice,
all sorcerers know a singular truth that need not be put to word: some workings
are best left unworked. To take up the study of Charnel is no gift or glory: it
is a singular rejection of this truth.
No price too high, no hubris too great. No doom too distant. Such is the burden
of the Pariah and such is their eternal fate once they step onto the path of
damnation. Dwelling in their black sanctums beneath the desert sands, these
reborn sorcerers dabble in the very substance of mortality, and pay the price 
not with mana or madness but with their eternal souls and the wounds carved
Woe to he who reads the tablet of interment, and woe to he who does not flee: 
for life entombed in ensorcelled stone is their Accursed reward and an eternity
to weep.