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12.9.13 Boldarihm

Sequestered somewhere deep beneath the earth lies the ancient clan hall of Boldarihm, a bastion of knowledge and epicentre of dwarven magics. Originally a single nexus of caverns and tunnels, centuries of seclusion have seen the dwarves through unique developments and expansion of the clan hall into places unknown. While it serves as home to dwarves of all professions and inclinations, the natural inclination for magic within its people has seen magic seep into every facet of life.

Through the wings of the grand Academy, the dwarves of Boulder Scorch offer practice and mastery of elemental magics, while those of a less theoretical inclination observe and tend to magical creatures within the Conservatory. The Woven Tree stands tall and proud, a living testament to the prowess of Boldarihm's tenders of life and Creation, while the martial calls and the sounds of battlecasting echo through the ancient keep. Masters of their craft tend to the immense forges where fire and water converge, interweaving smithwork and scrollwork to create unique and unmatched metalworks. From the grandest of studies to the simplest of bazaar wares, magic runs through the very heart of Boldarihm, and the veins of each of its children.