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12.9.5 Blackrock, Halls of

Discovered beneath a large fissure, a wide cavern created during the
imprisonment of Sartan revealed a broad underground lake of immense depth. A
hidden clan of reclusive dwarves also reside within the cavern, calling their
home the Halls of Blackrock.

The Blackrock Halls can be found in the deep within the underground cavern,
built many years ago by the Blackrock clan during their decades of being
trapped within the rock. The mines built by the dwarves are rumoured to be full
of wealth untold, yet none have been able to return with such riches.
Untrusting of outsiders and carrying a bitter hatred of most others of their
own race, the dwarves are wary of visitors and prefer their reclusive
lifestyle. Mysteries lay hidden throughout the halls, but many have been unable
to explore them fully as the dwarves quickly grow tired of any intruders.