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24.2.1 Assaulting a mine or stronghold

Assaulting a mine or stronghold
You can use your army (see HELP LEGIONS for more information) to assault a mine
or stronghold.

LEGION ASSAULT MINE|STRONGHOLD WITH <ARMY <army name>|SQUADS <squad1> [squad2] [...]>
 - As you can see, you can either assign squads to an army and attack with that
   army, or choose individual squads to attack with. It makes no difference
   which way you do it so do whatever feels most convenient for you.
 - You must do this from the room the mine or stronghold is in.

Once you issue the order to begin the assault, your troops will enter the enemy
mine/stronghold and battle whatever they find there. They will continue
fighting until they're either all dead or they kill all the enemy soldier
squads in the mine/stronghold, at which point you've taken it for yourself.

Squad type strengths/weaknesses
Every type of soldier squad - infantry, assassin, wizard, heavy, archer - is
very strong against one other type of squad and strong against one type.

 - Very strong vs. infantry
 - Strong vs. assassins

 - Very strong vs. assassins
 - Strong vs. wizards

 - Very strong vs. heavies
 - Strong vs. infantry

 - Very strong vs. wizards
 - Strong vs. archers

 - Very strong vs. archers
 - Strong vs. heavies

Squad Battles
When a squad or group of squads enters a room in a mine/stronghold with enemy
soldier squad(s) the order of battle works like this:

 1. The defending squads (the ones owned by the mine/stronghold owner) pick
    their targets by choosing squads they are strongest against. (Defending
    units always attack first.)

 2. Every individual member of a squad gets an attack.

 3. Each squad member gets a chance to kill an opposing squad member. The
    chance of doing so is (Attacking Squad Level) / (Attacking Squad Level +
    Defending Squad Level). So if the attacking squad is level 10 and the
    target squad is level 5, there's a 66.6% chance that each member of the 
    attacking squad will kill a member of the target squad. However, this 
    number is then also modified by the squad type and its strength 
    relationship to the other. If the squad doing the attacking is very 
    strong against the target squad, it gets a bonus equal to 20% of the 
    result of the above formula. The bonus is 10% for being merely strong 
    against the target.

 4. After the mine/stronghold owner's squads attack, it's time for the
    aggressor squads to attack. They run the same formula, but they attack as
    if their level is one less than it is. Keep in mind this means that level 1
    soldier squads are completely useless for assaulting with.

 5. The battle will take a little bit of time, and then either your forces will
    have been wiped out, or you'll be the new owner of the mine/stronghold.

 6. If you're the loser, you will be informed how many rooms your soldiers made
    it through before being wiped out.

 7. If you're the winner and attacked a mine or stronghold, it's now yours and
    any comms that were in storage are yours to claim. You should now quickly
    deploy mining squads if it's a mine, else the mine will collapse.

 8. If you're the loser, you'll be informed via persistent message and, in the
    case of a mine, each mining squad will lose 1-3 miners from it due to
    defection - nobody likes to work for a boss who can't protect them. 
    The squads that still have members left in them will return to your Legion.