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12.14.4 Arcadia

Arcadia is the city of origin for the winged race of Atavians, created
by Vastar, the Skylord. From far off, this shining city of white marble
resembles a multifacetted diamond set upon the southern face of Mount
Erymanthus, a floating mountain isle in the clouds. Vertically arranged
for ease of travel for Atavians, the city is divided into five main
tiers, with the royal palace at the centre. Above the city, at the very
peak of Mount Erymanthus, is the Arcadian Temple of Vastar. Long thought
lost forever, the way to Arcadia was only discovered again in the Modern
Age by a company of adventurers. To reach the Isle of Erymanthus, one
must climb to the peak of Mount Nicator in the Southern Vashnars and
call out the name "Arcadia."