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The skill of Aeonics grants one a degree of control over the flow of time.
Originally practiced by the ancient Tsol'teth Overlord Agith'maal, it was deemed
too dangerous even by the standards of the current generation of the Tsol'teth
race and placed upon the short list of arts forbidden.

However, not all of Agith'maal's descendents were so cautious. Parni deSangre,
destroyer of once-great Seleucar taught an apprentice; and when she was hunted
down and slain by the Tsol'teth warrior Agith'tai for her perceived threat, he
granted Sapience knowledge of the art. Whether out of spite or duty, it is still

Practitioners of this skill specialise in modifications to localised time, both
their own and that of others. It is whispered that the truly great may turn aside
the greatest enemy of all: death.