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8.2.8 The Vashnarian Shield

Charged with the safety and preservation of Cyrene, the Vashnarian Shield is a
fellowship of warriors who, like the stalwart mountains that surround Cyrene,
are unwavering in their dedication and unyielding in their defence of the city.
Foremost in the mind of a member is ever the security of the city and those who
are sheltered by her walls. They are bound by duty to defend against any threat
to Cyrene, and are often the first to rush to the aid of their fellow citizens
at the first sign of danger.

To ensure their readiness to meet this charge, members of the Shield
continually push themselves to improve their skills in combat, working both in
and out of the arena to test their mettle. Additionally, they take upon
themselves the responsibility of ensuring all Cyrenians are capable of rallying
to the city's defense. By training their peers in combat and furthering their
martial education, they raise the city as a whole to a higher level of
preparedness against those who would threaten their way of life.