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Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


The Ministry of Development is responsible for development of the city's
subdivisions, which is where adventurer-owned housing is generally built.
Subdivisions are much like the Wilderness Map in that you will see a graphical
display when walking around in them.

Subdivision locations will be established for cities, and will include one
initial room, but from there, it will be up to the cities to expand their
subdivisions. By standing in a developed room, a representative of the Ministry
of Development is able to extend the subdivision by one room in any of the
available directions, and create that room using one of over 35 tiles.

Development Commands:

   - Shows you how much gold the Ministry of Development has, as well
     as how many of each commodity can be bought (based on availability,
     the current internal purchase price, and the Ministry of
     Development's current gold stores). You never need to actually
     purchase the commodities, it is an automatic process and is done
     for you when you execute a command that requires them.

DEVELOP TYPES [<pattern>]
   - Shows you the different tiles that you may develop with. The
     <pattern> is optional, but lets you show just a certain type of tile,
     based on the name of the tile. For instance, DEVELOP TYPES ROAD*
     would find all tiles that start with 'road'. The * character is
     called a 'wildcard' and will substitute for any number of characters.

DEVELOP INFO <tile type>
   - Shows you more information on a type of tile.

   - In the subdivision planner only. Copies the entire contents of the 
     actual subdivision to the subdivision planner. USE WITH CARE!

   - Clears the entire subdivision planner. USE WITH CARE!

DEVELOP [<direction>] AS <tile type>
   - This lets you either create a new bit of land with a given tile type
     to the north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, or
     northwest. If you do not include the direction (the [ ] means it is
     optional), then you will terraform the location you are currently in.
   - This command only works in subdivisions.
   - DEVELOP TYPES shows the cost for each type of tile. Upon creating one or
     terraforming an existing one, the appropriate amount of gold will be
     deducted from the Development Ministry's gold reserves, as well as an
     additional amount of gold that is a function of how many commodities you
     need to develop that tile and the price the Trade Ministry has set for
     those commodities. DEVELOP FUNDS will show you how many of each commodity
     the Development Ministry can currently afford.
   - Subdivision dimensions are 100 by 100, and SURVEY will indicate where
     precisely you currently stand.

   - Plots start out as being not for sale, and you must set them for sale if
     you wish someone to purchase them.
   - The 'default' option means that a default price (see below) will be used
     for this plot.
   - You can take it off the market with the 'nosale' option.

DEVELOP PLOTLIST [<owner's name>]
   - View a list of all plots, or plots owned by a specific adventurer.

   - Sets a default price for plots that you set to use the default price.
   - This price can be seen in CITY ECONSTATUS.

   - List the subdivisions your city has.

DEVELOP SUBDIV TITLE <subdivision name> <title>
   - Set the title of one of your city's subdivisions. People will see this
     when they SURVEY inside a subdivision.

  - See a little bit of information about the status of your city's economy.

  - Allows the Development minister to reclaim a plot. This will only work on
    unimproved parcels (those without player housing).
  - If the owner is not a city enemy, he or she will be refunded the current
    cost of a subdivision plot from the Development ministry's coffers.
  - If the owner is retired, this will cost the city 5000 gold. No gold is
    transferred to the retired player.

Please also see HELP IMPROVEMENTS for more commands and responsibilities that
the Ministry of Development has.