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19.15.1 Restricted Forums

There are several forums in Achaea's Forums that are restricted to certain
members by invitation only, for more in-depth, specific, and more highly 
moderated discussion. These include and are not limited to:

Achaea's Leaders Forum: 
  All city council members, House leaders, Oakstone council members, and
  Classleads will be granted access to this forum. If you fit in one of the
  above and do not have access, please email to 
  request access. Select others may be invited to join this forum but it is

Achaea's Combat Council Forum:
  All Classleads and members of the ACC (Achaean Combat Council) are granted
  access to this forum for combat-related in-depth discussion. Membership in
  the ACC is invitation-only. You may ask a Tecton or an ACC member to
  nominate you for invitation, but please do not pester. If you are granted
  membership, you will be granted forum access as well.

Mortal Builders Forum:
  If you have been accepted as a mortal builder, you should have access to
  this forum. If you do not, please request it through the appropriate 
  builder channel.

(Also see: HELP FORUMS)