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19.13.3 Class Item Customisation


Certain class items, such as falcons, may be customised one time 
only without cost.

Class Loyals
NO: Angels, Baalzadeen, Daeggers, or any occultist or elemental entities may
not be customised. Class-specific non-creatures such as summoned maces are not

YES: Subterfuge snakes, Chivalry falcons, Grove golems and beehives may be
customised in a special manner which requires the consent and involvement of a
patron - either house or order.

Class Loyals: Procedure
Check with your House for any applicable rules. If your House and your House's
Divine Patron allow it, follow whatever procedure exists to request the
customisation of your House's Divine Patron. Remember, your House's Divine
Patron is an in-role God, not a customer service representative, and it is
completely up to him or her whether to grant your request or not, and in what
manner and in how long a time. Requirements and procedures are likely to vary
from patron to patron. 

These no-cost class-loyal customisations are limited to one time only per
adventurer per type of loyal. 

If you do not have a House Patron who will customise your class loyal for you
in a manner that is to your liking, you can use 100 bound credits for
customisation as normal (see HELP CUSTOMISATIONS and HELP CUSTOMISATION

Example: if you are a serpent type, you can get exactly one class-loyal snake
customised exactly once for free. If the snake dies, you lose the
customisation. When you summon a new one, it's not customised. Now you can
customise this one if you like, but again, it's a one-shot thing.

If you then change class to Paladin, you could also have one free customisation
on a falcon, since this is a different type of loyal. Same deal - it dies, you
lose the customisation and would have to pay for the next time, if you wanted
there to be a next time.

Further customisations are possible, but must be undertaken as normal
customisations by paying credits and following the procedures outlined
elsewhere in this scroll.

The no-cost, one-time customisation must be entirely natural and reasonable for
the loyal.

Armour Customisation
Armour may be customised via the in-game customisation system once it has been
made non-decay and resetting (see HELP ARTEFACT ARMOUR).

Rogue Customisation
A rogue wishing customisations on class-specific items should appeal first to
his personal Patron, if he has one, via order, House, or high-clan.