Sylvans are in love with the forests and with those beings of the forest, but beyond that, they are scholars of nature who seek to better understand how to live in harmony with it by maintaining a sacred grove, employing the basic elements -- water, fire, air, earth -- to help them, and embodying via propagation the immense powers of the Viridian form.


Sylvans are in love with the forests and with those beings of the forest, but beyond that, they are scholars of nature who seek to better understand how to live in harmony with it. They generally hail from the forest village of Eleusis, and exhibit both a deep reverence for nature and a profound curiosity about the base workings of reality.

In the forest, a Sylvan is extremely powerful, more so when in a grove. Through careful manipulation of the bounty of nature the propagator may transform himself into a Viridian -- a living being of the forest, and then further alter their physical state with various cuttings of plants and herbs. The Sylvan is also able to direct the weather and are able to unleash truly terrifying demonstrations of nature's destructive capabilities.


Groves is the skill of interacting with the great forests of Achaea. It will allow you to establish a private Grove from which you will base your power. Groves absorb and accumulate sunlight, which you use to power the abilities. Every night, you will lose some of the sunlight, as the Grove must maintain itself even when everything else is sleeping soundly. Further, most abilities in Groves will use up some of this sunlight energy. Before you can make a Grove of your own, you must use your abilities to discover an unclaimed forest location.

Abilities in Groves

ImprintChoose a forest location as your grove.
PerceiveDetermine if a forest area has been claimed as a grove.
SeverErase your imprint permanently from your grove.
EnergyDetermine how much sunlight your grove has stored.
WhoSense who is in the forest.
StatusDiscover information on the status of your grove.
LookSee through the eyes of a forest into a distant location.
ShakeSend a tremor throughout your grove.
ElevateAscend into the treetops.
WatchCommand your grove to report certain activity within it.
EjectToss all but yourself out of your grove.
ReturnReturn instantly to your grove from anywhere in the forest.
EyesLocate everyone in the forest.
ForestwatchKnow all entry and exit from the forest.
SealPrevent night-time draining sunlight from your grove.
TendLovingly caring for your grove.
LastharvestThe ability to see who last harvested in a room.
NaturalismDiscover who exterminated a room last.
ScreenRaise a screen against telepathy within your grove.
RootsSecure yourself to the ground with tree roots.
PreservationFor one year, shield your grove from damage.
SmudgeRemove ground-based runes from your grove.
QuarterstaffSummon a powerful quarterstaff from your grove.
CallingCall your loyal creatures back to your grove.
TrackConstantly track the movement of anyone in the forest.
PortalOpen a portal to your grove for anyone in the forest.
SummonAfter a time, bring anyone in the forest to your grove.
FlowSlip instantly from your grove to anyone in the forest.
ImbueInfuse your quarterstaff with the power of sunlight.
RegrowthReform a sharpened quarterstaff.
CureCure someone of an affliction.
IsolationTransport yourself to the Glade of Isolation.
ChannelTransfer energy to the grove of another.
VigourCall on the invigorating warmth of sunlight.
RemedyHeal another of maladies and ailments.
RainConjuring a magical shower of rejuvenating rain.
FertilityPerform the rites of fertility.
ConcealmentHide all those within your grove from prying eyes.
SharingGranting the use of your grove to your allies.
FlashIlluminate the surroundings with a revealing flash of light.
GateOpen a gateway of light.
HarmonySeek Nature's blessing through absolute harmony.
HiveCreate a hive of stinging bees to defend your grove.
OvergrowthReturn a totem to the embrace of Nature.
RejuvenateRestore an exterminated room to its natural state.
SnowstormSpread the white cloak of winter across the land.
WildgrowthEnsnare your enemies with tenacious plantlife.
BarrierForm an impenetrable barrier of light itself.
ForestbindingPrevent all entry and exit from the forest.
ResurrectionRestore yourself or a friend to life.
GuardianSummon an earth golem to guard your grove.
DampenPut an end to aural interferences.
LightningStrike your foes with nature's fury.
PanaceaNature's touch can heal all ills.
PortabilityThe ultimate expression of the bond with your grove.


Those who practice propagation focus on altering their own physical state through the power of nature. Able to assume the form of the mighty Viridian, the adept propagator shall find themselves able to alter all aspects of their body, granting many beneficial changes.

In addition, those that truly master the Viridian shall find that nature can be both lethal as well as benign. These rare individuals are able to cause death with naught but a single touch, and are feared appropriately.

Abilities in Propagation

Viridian Become a mighty viridian.
Thornrend Rend your foes with your lethal vines.
Targeting Aiming your blows at specific body parts.
Propagate Enhance yourself with nature's bounty.
Bloodroot One of the most widely used herbs
Kelp The grass of the sea.
Bellwort A flower with mysterious properties.
Mutation The first step toward mastery.
Lacerate Lay open their throat with your vines.
Valerian A plant that grows in mountainous areas.
Lobelia A brightly coloured plant used to cure phobias.
Elm A potent herb with limited applications.
Sileris A berry that grows in various valleys.
Vinewreathe Call upon Nature to hinder your foe.
Kola A small nut with surprising potency.
Multiplication Greater control over the viridian.
Barkskin Make your skin tough like bark.
Goldenseal A plant that affects the mind.
Skullcap A plant that grows in the harsher environments.
Eclipse Bedazzle your foe with a celestial bolt.
Hawthorn A plant that grows in hilly locations.
Heartseed Send nature's touch to destroy your enemy from within.
Acceleration Complete mastery of the viridian form.


The weather is beyond the grasp of any mortal mage, but the practitioners of weatherweaving have learned to direct where control is impossible.

Focusing upon the elemental channels of earth, water and air, practitioners of weatherweaving are perhaps less versatile in the ways that they may bend their arcane might. However, where they sacrifice such versatility, they gain in precision and power, and are rumoured to be able to unleash truly terrifying demonstrations of nature's destructive capabilities. There are whispers of those who could call lightning to strike down their foes from a cloudless sky, or summon winds able to strip the skin from bone in mere moments.

Abilities in Weatherweaving

ChannelOpen conduits to the Elemental Realms.
WindwhipLash them with a whip of air.
GustBlow someone in a direction with a gust of wind.
ReflectionCreate a distracting illusion of yourself.
FortificationProtect your open channels from attack.
ScryLocate another adventurer.
GeyserKnock someone out of the trees or the sky.
CirculateCirculate electricity throughout your body.
ShearSlice away shields with a blade of wind.
BindingThe magic of channel binding.
DisturbDisturb the natural weather patterns.
StaticConjure forth a burst of static.
ThunderclapA burst of sound to rupture the ears.
FeedbackBleed off your residual power.
GaleHurl the unsecured to the corners of the globe.
FlashA brilliant flash of light.
SynchronisityControl the flows of two spells at once.
BoltA searing bolt of lightning.
ElectrifySometimes, lightning does strike twice.
OverchargeTo the point of instability, and no further.
RazorwindA wind to lacerate the skin.
FogConjure up obscuring fog.
CycloneThe greatest of the wind spells.
AerialSummon an air elemental to carry you to the skies.
HailstoneSimple is best.
IllusionCast an illusion of your choosing.
DelugeA great flood of water.
HailstormCall down a hailstorm to pummel everyone else in the room.
WaterspoutBend water to your will.
SimultaneityParallel Channelling
ShockwaveYour power shall not be denied.
RainstormOpen the skies and deluge the earth.
StormhammerCall down the wrath of the storm upon multiple enemies.
FulminationYour wrath is terrible indeed.