A sireni Sentinel surveys the land, with her wolf by her side.


An offshoot of the class of Druids early in the modern age, the Sentinels are equally as devoted to the protection of the forests of Achaea. Through the animal spirits of Metamorphosis, the harmonious utilisation of the natural world via Woodlore, and the savage arts of Skirmishing do the Sentinels of Achaea stand guard against the ravages of civilisation.

A sireni Sentinel surveys the land, with her wolf by her side.


An offshoot of the class of Druids early in the modern age, the Sentinels are equally as devoted to the protection of the forests of Achaea. Although many consider themselves part of communities beyond that of the forestal community, their love of the forests is still the defining trait of a Sentinel.


Sentinels are known to travel with a number of animal companions who will assist them in battle, ranging from the harrying raven, to the small but vicious fox, to the noble wolf, and more. Their knowledge of the outdoors enables them to lay cunning traps for their enemies; some are merely a hindrance while others are lethal. A Sentinel's skill with a handaxe is unsurpassed, and many Sentinels wield spears or tridents as well.

Abilities in Woodlore

Hide Conceal yourself in the shadows.
Swinging Swing up into the trees like a monkey on kola.
Traps The ability to search for traps in your location.
Dart A trap that shoots out a poisoned dart at its victim.
Fox Summon a lithe vixen to attack your enemies.
Barkskin Make your skin tough like bark.
Snare Trap your enemies like the stupid beasts they are.
Lemming Summon a suspiciously helpful lemming to your aid.
Naturalism Discover who exterminated a room last.
Lastharvest The ability to see who last harvested in a room.
Firstaid Use your knowledge of healing to reduce bleeding.
Disarm Attempt to disarm a trap
Mask Hide your animal companions from plain sight.
Noose A trap to strangle your enemies.
Raven Call a raven to aid you in combat.
Catapult A trap that will throw your enemies out of the room.
Campfire Build a campfire to soothe the body and soul.
Badger Call for the aid of a very grumpy badger.
Clothesline A trap that will rip open the jugular of a victim.
Alarm Put an alarm on a trap.
Nativity Your connection with nature is formidable indeed.
Dustbomb Numb the senses of this trap's victims.
Butterfly Summon a butterfly to assist you in combat.
Horseshoe A trap that stuns its victims with a blow to the head.
Fleetness Navigate the forests with expert skill.
Thornspray Attack your enemies with a flurry of flying thorns.
Conceal Conceal the nature of a trap's effect.
Evasion Elude the intruding eyes below.
Enrage Drive one of your companions into a rage.
Wolf Call the mighty grey wolf to your side.
Darts A trap to quickly overload an enemy with poisons.


In servitude to Nature, Metamorphosis is the ability to bond with the spirits of various animals. These range from the mundane squirrel to the fantastic icewyrm. Each morph has its own powers and strengths that enable a variety of tactics and utility skills.

Forage in the forest for sustenance as a squirrel, trample the bones of the enemies of Nature with the elephant, sing an exquisite song and create an impervious shield about yourself with the Nightingale, or pound the very life from a body with the Gorilla. Their powers are yours.

Abilities in Metamorphosis

Powers The powers you possess when morphed into a creature.
Squirrel A cute, bushy-tailed woodland creature.
Wildcat A small untamed feline. Alert and perceptive.
Wolf The wary white wolf.
Turtle The aquatic turtle.
Jackdaw The black jackdaw.
Cheetah A creature quick of eye and fleet of foot.
Owl The wise bird of prey.
Hyena A vicious, stealthy creature with a chilling howl.
Condor The swift and mighty bird of prey.
Gopher A cute, burrowing animal.
Sloth A slow, ponderous creature.
Bear The mighty grizzly bear.
Bonding Increased rapport with the animal spirits.
Nightingale A delicate, beautiful bird with an exquisite song.
Elephant Largest of the land mammals.
Transmorph The ability to morph from form to form.
Wolverine Pound for pound, one of the most vicious animals.
Icewyrm A mythical creature of awesome, magical power.
Eagle The king of all flighted birds.
Gorilla An agile yet powerful primate.
Affinity Obtaining a greater affinity with an animal spirit.
Basilisk The silent, magical beast of lore.
Jaguar A powerful, quick, and stealthy beast.
Truemorph Instantaneous metamorphosis.


Masters of their chosen weapon and skilled both in and out of the forests of Sapience, they combine flawless technique with a ruthless savagery to achieve their ends. Discarding the civilised constructs of chivalry and fairness, they practice skirmishing: using both the environment and all tools at their disposal to eliminate the opposition.

Abilities in Skirmishing

Returning The ability to throw an axe such that it will return.
Trip Knock an unruly foe to the ground.
Grab Use an axe to pull someone in from a nearby room.
Shove Sending a hapless victim crashing to the forest floor.
Rive Shatter an opponent's shield.
Thrust The most basic of skirmishing attacks.
Spinning Set up a defensive shield with a spear or trident.
Seize Grabbing unwary victims from the forest floor.
Scout A good woodsman checks his path.
Envenom Coat a weapon in venoms.
Brace Impale attackers on a spear or trident.
Rivestrike There is no defence against your onslaught.
Ensnare Mesmerise them with your flawless skill.
Lacerate Let them bleed for their foolishness.
Scythe Slice through the defences that would protect your foes.
Rattle Rattle their brains with a blow to the head.
Truss Truss them up for slaughter.
Skullbash Split their skull with a mighty blow.
Gouge Lay them open with a precision strike.
Impale Drive your blade straight through your target.
Drag Drag away your prey.
Barbs Chivalry is a construct of the city dwellers.
Wrench Gut them like a fish.
Doublestrike Strike, then strike again.
Extirpate Return them to the embrace of nature.