A rajamala Runewarden c;lad in fullplate wields his Runeblades to great devastation.


Clad in shimmering armour and armed with weapons inscribed with arcane runes, the Runewardens are the epitome of discipline and honour in combat. Protection and preservation is their motto, and they are selfless in whatever cause they represent.

A rajamala Runewarden clad in fullplate wields his Runeblades to great devastation.


Clad in shimmering armour and armed with weapons inscribed with arcane runes, the Runewardens are the epitome of discipline and honour in combat. Protection and preservation is their motto, and they are selfless in whatever cause they represent. Fittingly, they possess the knowledge of crafting defensive totems. Their studies of the magic inherent in representational forms also has given them the knowledge to sketch runes not only on totems and weapons but upon themselves, others, and on the ground, each rune possessing a different power.

Strengthened with runes and usually dripping with coated venoms, the flashing blades or brutally bludgeoning weapons of a Runewarden are a magnificent sight in full combat. Discipline and honour are the watchwords of a Runewarden, and the movement of their formations on the battlefield can be a dazzling sight indeed.


The skill of Runelore revolves around two aspects: Runes and Totems. By sketching various runes on the ground, on yourself, on other people, or on weapons or armour, a variety of beneficial or harmful effects may be achieved.

While Runes are a nice supplement to other skills, the true power of Runelore is only unleashed in the Totem. By sketching up to six runes on a Totem, and then either Implanting it, or Standing it, a Runewarden is able to create a weapon of destruction that can wreak havoc with anyone the Totem is tuned to affect.

Abilities in Runelore

Smudge Ability to destroy runes.
Sketch Sketch runes with expert precision.
Kena A rune to inspire fear.
Uruz Heal your allies with earth magic.
Fehu Causes sleeping urges.
Pithakhan Attack the mental reserves of your enemies.
Jera A rune to increase the vitality of the bearer.
Inguz A rune with the ability to paralyse.
Wunjo Upon encountering this, an enemy's sight will be returned.
Lagul Add an element of bleeding to your strategem.
Sowulu Damages the health of enemies.
Algiz A rune of protection from damage.
Isaz A rune to call shockwaves to take your enemies off balance.
Totems The symbol of the master of Runelore.
Dagaz This rune will heal afflictions from you at random.
Gebu This rune will increase the blunt protection of armour.
Gebo A rune to increase the cutting protection of armour.
Gular Drawing on the power of the earth, raise a stone wall.
Raido Summon a spiritual steed to bear you home.
Thurisaz Call forth a spout of molten lava from the earth.
Lagua Further punish your foe.
Hugalaz Call down a hailstorm around you.
Truesketch Sketch more than one rune on the ground.
Nauthiz Suck the nourishment from your foes.
Mannaz Return hearing to a victim.
Othala Besiege your enemies with multiple spouts of molten lava.
Sleizak Afflict a foe with the horrible voyria poison.
Tiwaz This rune will remove the defenses of your enemies.
Berkana Provides health regeneration to the bearer.
Nairat A rune to beguile and transfix.
Eihwaz A powerful vibration-dampening rune.
Runebinding Bind your runes to your body.
Laguz Increased damage to the limbs of your foe.
Runicarmour Empower armour with the strength of the earth.
Runeblades Runewardens may empower a weapon as a legendary runeblade.
Loshre Cause an opponent to become afflicted with anorexia.
Implant Create a bond between your totem and the earth.
Empower Enable smudge reporting.
Designate Arrange clear title and ownership.


Masters of melee weapons, knights with the weaponmastery skill are a force to be reckoned with. Weaponmasters can select a specialisation based on the weapons they wish to use:

Dual cutting: Proficient in the use of two cutting weapons, knights with this specialisation use scimitars or battle axes to decimate their foes with damage and venoms.

Dual blunt: Master of destruction, these specialists obliterate an opponents limbs with flails and morningstars.

Two-handed: Wielding the largest weapons available, these warriors conquer their enemies with bastard swords and warhammers.

Sword and Shield: Using their shields for both offence and defence, masters of the sword and shield specialisation are a foe to fear. They are also armed with longswords and broadswords.

General Abilities in Weaponmastery

Swordplay Increased mastery of the shortsword.
Specialise Gain proficiency in one of the schools of weaponry.
Envenom Coat a weapon in venoms.
Arc Swing your blade in a controlled arc.

Two-Handed Specialisation

Continuation Shrug off afflictions like the trivialities they are.
Slaughter Dispense with your opposition.
Overhand Split their skulls with a mighty blow.
Carve Carve through your victim's defences.
Splinter Splinter the defences protecting your opponent.
Perceive Perceive the state of your opponent.
Underhand Deliver a devastating rising stroke.
Upset Bring them down in a tangle of limbs.
Hew Deliver precision strikes against your opponent's limbs.
Pulverise Pulp your opponent's limbs with crushing blows.
Distract Distract them with a deafening shout.
Focus Alter your technique.
Deflect Redirect incoming projectiles.
Cleave Rend your opponent's body in two.
Skullcrush Crush their skulls.
Recover A true knight will die on his feet.
Devastate Destroy their limbs utterly.
Brain Put him out of his misery.
Impale Sink your blade into an opponent.
Disembowel Tear the entrails from a target.

Sword And Shield Specialisation

Rend Rend the flesh of your foes.
Raze Remove the defences that would keep your weapons from your foe.
Smash Deliver a crushing blow with your shield.
Combination Link your blade and shield attacks into devastating combinations.
Drive Deny them of breath with a precise strike to the throat.
Slice Speed is the mark of a true master.
Impale Pin them to the ground with your blade.
Concuss Rattle their brain with a mighty blow.
Trip Send them sprawling.
Club A brutal display of power.
Cleave Rend your opponent's body in two.
Dedication Your dedication to victory can overcome all barriers.
Ferocity Channel the ferocity of battle.
Strike Unleash your ferocity against your foe.
Guardbreak Exploit holes in their guard.
Disembowel Tear the entrails from a target.

Dual Cutting Specialisation

Predict Predict when your blows will damage their limbs.
Raze Attack the defences that would keep your weapons out.
Duality The ability to wield and use two weapons simultaneously.
Lunge A deep, piercing blow from an adjacent location.
Impale Sink your blade into an opponent.
Razeslash First penetrate his defences, then give him the sharp end.
Undercut Take them down to the ground.
Cleave Rend your opponent's body in two.
Mastery Through intense concentration, increase your blade mastery.
Concuss Rattle skulls with a brutal blow.
Intimidate Make them fear for their life.
Disembowel Tear the entrails from a target.

Dual Blunt Specialisation

Momentum Strike them with ever greater power.
Whirl The most basic of blunt attacks.
Fracture Fracture the defences that would protect your opponent.
Doublewhirl Strike twice as fast.
Predict Predict when your blows will damage their limbs.
Skullcrush Crush their skulls.
Discipline Your form is flawless.
Expend Expend your momentum for crippling effects.
Assault Unleash a terrible assault against a helpless opponent.
Pulp End their life in a single strike.


Chivalry is a skill that may be thought of as having three distinct parts. The first part, Falconry, involves the raising, training, and use of falcons. The second part of Chivalry is archery. By gaining the abilities to assess wind direction and speed and use different kinds of bows (longbows, crossbows, darkbows) you may attack from afar, or shoot at a cowardly opponent who has fled to the skies. The third and final part of Chivalry involves an assortment of aggressive abilities ranging from howling a Battlecry, to Engaging your unlucky opponent, to boosting your prowess with Fury..

Abilities in Chivalry

Falcon Use the basic skills to interact with your falcon.
Weathering Increase your ability to weather damage.
Seek Order your bird to seek out an adventurer.
Glance Look through the eyes of your bird.
Block Obstructing departure with your body.
Fitness Controlling your breathing.
Follow Order your falcon to aerially follow someone.
Gripping Grip your wielded items in a deathlock.
Barge Barging your opponents.
Battlecry Stun a target with the power of your voice.
Bowmanship Use of the valued projectile weapon.
Quivers Take full advantage of your quiver.
Wind Further increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
Aiming Increase your accuracy in shooting.
Sturdiness Standing firm against attempts to move you.
Deliver Order your falcon to deliver an object to someone.
Resistance Reduce the damage taken from magical attacks.
Crossbows A powerful projectile weapon.
Clotting Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Rage Throw off pacifying afflictions.
Retrieve Command your falcon to fetch an object for you.
Startle Order your bird to harass an opponent's steed.
Track Order your falcon to follow and track someone.
Defend Attempt to protect someone else with swordwork.
Observe Your falcon can now report on the state of individuals.
Darkbows Using the infamous darkbows of Hashan.
Warhawk Equip your falcon with talons of steel.
Engage Damage a cowardly opponent.
Swiftmount Mount or vault your steeds at increased speed.
Fury Temporarily raise your strength.