The skills of the monk forge mind, body, and spirit into an indomitable force. Using their unarmed attacks they can break limbs, cause internal bleeding, sweep an opponent off his feet, and deliver body-crushing throws. A monk can confuse and damage the mind even over a distance and through the power of kai, can toughen his body to withstand damage, make himself heavier, and restore damaged limbs by sheer force of will.



Though the Aldar may be gone en-masse from Achaea, that which they left behind still holds vestigial power. Those that enter and survive Saar-elan, the well of power biding at the heart of Nur, ancient city of the Aldar, emerge changed, altered, granted a remnant of the Firstborn's lost magics.

Weaving is foremost among the arts, the skill of creating weapons from nothing and striking with them in the moment before they fade, like dust, back into Creation.

Psionics, the oldest of the Aldar powers, granted them such clarity and purity of thought that they could effortlessly surpass the constraints placed on mortality. True masters are said to even have the ability to pierce time's veil itself, seeking a future in which they may emerge victorious amid the chaos of battle.

Lastly is Emulation: the Aldar's attempt to replicate the might of Protean Relics, with varied and diverse results.


The Aldar were famed for their ability to create great works of artistic genius. Alas, all that remains of that legacy are the remnants of the craft that were put to use during the War of Humanity. The art of Weaving is twofold: first and foremost, it is the practice of forging weapons from the substance of Creation, calling to your hand a blade or mace and dismissing it as soon as its work is done.

Second, it is the means by which a practitioner may begin the return to Creation of a foe, unweaving their mortal shell and consigning them to a grim fate.

Though it is a deadly fighting style in its own right, its true potential was only brought to light when Illarris devised the means by which to weave a copy of her own person, a feat thought impossible until the War. Indeed, only the greatest Aldar could grant these copies sentience (though never sapience), but even the lowest duplicates were capable of mimicking their creator, turning a single Weaver into an army in his or her own right.

Abilities in Weaving

Charge A simple but deadly rush.
Secondskin Armour is an unnecessary inconvenience.
Cleave A sundering blow.
Overhand Bring them down with a crushing blow.
Hamstring They won't be walking that off.
Entwine What a tangled web.
Prepare Modify your creations.
Lightsteal Darkness falls.
Puncture A swift and precise jab.
Sever A precise and deadly strike.
Launch Bring them down to your level.
Unweave From dust to dust.
Deathblow Precision over power.
Backhand His face was bad enough already.
Invert A slight change of pace.
Rally Let them know your fervour.
Exsanguinate They'll never eat again.
Flurry Onslaught unending.
Deconstruct They are unfit for Creation.
Miriad We are legion.


The Relics of Proteus were something that both fascinated and confounded the Aldar. As tools of violence and augmentation they were unsurpassed when fully attuned to a user (a bonding impossible to all save those they were designed for), and yet their means of creation was something outside of their understanding, coming as it did from the inscrutable hand of Proteus Himself. This lack of knowing drove many Firstborn to seek the secrets of these creations, a journey which brought them both great victories and terrible losses.

The art of Emulation is the remnants of the research that those Aldar stored within Saar-elan and Nur. Though their goal of replicating a relic of Proteus was never attained, several of their effects could be emulated to either lesser degrees or in some cases vastly divergent ones.

Be it the martyr's lifebond or the ghastly reprise, knowledge and strength both grand and terrible remains buried within the unfinished work of the Aldar.

Abilities in Emulation

Guidedstrike Luck is a power all its own.
Wavesurge The might of the raging waters.
Soulmark Some marks cannot be washed away.
Upheaval Tremors and tribulations.
Companion Before the fall.
Destruction Elemental fury to ravage and rage.
Imposition Your word against their will.
Barter There is power in such things.
Discordance A fluxing of chaotic power.
Rupture Bleed them dry.
Clarity Mind over all.
Reprise It's not over yet.
Wrath Unleash your fury.
Lightbind Some things must not walk free.
Lifebond The martyr's calling.
Painshift Your pain, your gain.
Indomitability The shadow of the Battlemaster.
Transition Push yourself beyond your limits.
Surge A blast of focussed power.
Kaiboost Increase your receptiveness to Kai energy.
Enfeeble Unleash a massive blast of kai energy at your opponent.
Deliverance Grant your enemies release from this mortal coil.


The most ancient of powers given to the Aldar in the moment of their formation by Ayar, beyond even the innumerable other natural advantages of their race, was their strength in will and mind. This manifested itself in vast psionic and telepathic might, an ability wielded with unfathomable ease as they imposed their thought upon themselves and upon the world around them. With the centuries of peace during which these arts were mastered, coupled to their functionally unchallenged rule of Creation below the Pantheon itself, offensive techniques within Psionics never saw true progress beyond the simple, rendering them almost unrefined by the measure of modern telepaths. Yet it was never their offensive powers that made this lost art so mighty in the hands of the Firstborn.

A practitioner of Psionics is the absolute master of his or her body and of the world beyond, exerting such perfect control of muscle, skin, and cell that many of the mental constraints binding mere mortals can be circumvented or even bypassed entirely. Be it the expulsion of mental interference or the forging of psionic projections, where the Will of the Psion exists, they will assuredly always find a Way.

Yet even these magnificent - and dangerous - arts paled before the crowning glory of Aldar mental might: the ability to turn the full presence of their minds to contemplation and comprehension of the fabric of time itself, manifesting as inevitable prophecy. Though no mortal lives or ever will live who could approach the Aldar mastery of this psionic pinnacle, the briefest glimpses of possible futures woven into present fact may await those who wholly devote themselves to its study. For on the battlefields of Sapience and beyond, that brief second of forethought, the hint to the enemy's next move, becomes the difference between life and death.

Abilities in Psionics

Expunge Your mind must never be corrupted.
Splinter A spike of psychic force.
Comprehend A simple application of your intellect.
Expand The mind shall not be constrained.
Imprint Communication is key.
Insertion A subtle touch of misdirection.
Ironwill Your mind against theirs.
Radiate Your will is implacable.
Muddle A gentle touch to confound and mislead.
Shatter The psyche is such a delicate construct.
Sensitivity The faintest changes are yours to know.
Manipulate Controlling the self is of paramount concern.
Breakthrough Pain is a warning.
Link Your mind is far superior.
Blast Sometimes a hammer can replace the scalpel.
Perception The insidious becomes apparent.
Contemplation Perceive the state of another's mental strength.
Projection Your will made manifest.
Vanish Perception is everything.
Transcend Perfect unity of the mind and body.
Combustion Just like heating water.
Excise A single cut at the fundamental level.
Foresight The pinnacle of mental might.