A grook Occultist is a fearsome master of the forbidden and esoteric arts of Chaos.


In what is commonly called the Burning Times, the Occultists were persecuted and slain in droves by the Church in an attempt to cease what the Church considered heretical and dangerous research. Driven underground at that time, the Occultists resurfaced fully in the modern day. Occultists have long worshipped Chaos, and indeed, much of their power comes from their pacts with the Chaos Lords who reign in the Chaos Plane

A grook Occultist is a fearsome master of the forbidden and esoteric arts of Chaos.


Secretive and powerful, Occultists have existed in Achaea since even before the founding of the Seleucarian Empire, researching and practicing mysterious arts in their historical home city of Ashtan. In what is commonly called the Burning Times, the Occultists were persecuted and slain in droves by the Church in an attempt to cease what the Church considered heretical and dangerous research. Driven underground at that time, the Occultists resurfaced fully in the modern day, the various cabals were united in the guild of Occultists in Ashtan early in the modern era.

Intensely protective of the secrets behind their skills, secrets gained through great efforts and at great costs, Occultists consider themselves scholars first and foremost, and the deadly power they happen to wield as a result of their research and studies is merely a byproduct. Knowledge at whatever cost, from whatever source, drives them. While all owe some devotion to Chaos, many choose to worship the realms of other Divine as well.


Once studied in ancient times, the skill of Occultism is gained through the study of the Mysteries of the nature of the universe itself. This knowledge, which encompasses manipulating auras, bending of time and reality, and mastering the powers of karma, were all lost ages ago during what the Occultists termed the "Burning Times" when the Church successfully launched a crusade against those who studied this profane arts. The survivors banded together, but it was too late to save the knowledge of Occultism. The early practitioners turned to the dark art of Necromancy and entered into a long period of gaining their powers through death magic. That is until the modern age, when Occultism was re-discovered and perfected. Since then, Occultists have turned their backs on Necromancy and again embraced Chaos to study the terrible sciences of Occultism.

Abilities in Occultism

Ague A chill that enters from the aura to the body.
Auraglance Seek out another in your mind's eye.
Warp Cause your enemy's body to warp beyond recognition.
Night Create darkness in the room.
Shroud Perform many actions in secret.
Bodywarp Warping your own body is not for the faint of heart.
Eldritchmists The Hymn to Glaaki will raise strange mists.
Mask Conceal the movement of your chaos entities.
Attend Force your students to pay attention.
Enervate Suck the strength from your enemy's aura.
Encipher Hide your writings from prying eyes.
Quicken A small time warp around your enemy makes them hungry.
Astralvision Your aura gives insights into that which is around.
Shrivel Cause your opponent's limbs to shrivel up.
Readaura Reading another's aura will reveal their secrets.
Karma Sense how much karma you have accumulated.
Heartstone Create a figurine of your heart to help give you mana.
Simulacrum Create a figurine of yourself that absorbs damage.
Entities Sense the whereabouts of Chaos Entities in the land.
Timewarp Warping time in a location will move vibes.
Distortaura Distorting your aura will protect you from physical harm.
Pinchaura Surgically alter your patient's aura.
Impart Impart your karmic knowledge to others with Occultism.
Transcendence Open a gateway to the Plane of Chaos.
Unnamable Hear what cannot be named, or see what cannot be imagined
Devolve Devolving your enemy will make them unrecognisable.
Cleanseaura Cleanse away those pesky animal spirits from an aura.
Tentacles Master your body and create tentacles of your own.
Chaosrays Pure chaos will strike all in a location.
Instill Instill your victim's aura with diseases of the body.
Whisperingmadness A curse of madness not soon forgotten.
Devilmark The Mark of the Devil grants great power.
Truename Find the truename of your enemy.
Astralform Turn yourself into a being of pure energy.
Enlighten Reveal the truth to the uninitiated.
Unravel Destroy the psyche of the uninitiated.
Transmogrify Reincarnate as a Chaos Lord.


Tarot is the occult skill of inscribing magical cards with various inks in order to create a powerful image. Each of the major arcana of the Tarot deck is represented here, from the light giving Sun, to the transportive powers of the Universe, and even Death, who will summon a spectre to draw your foe beyond life's veil.

Abilities in Tarot

Inscribing The ability to inscribe images upon blank Tarot cards.
Sun Create a portable light source.
Cardpacks Use the handy cardpacks for easier storage.
Emperor Create the compulsion in others to follow you.
Magician Replenish your mana with the might of the Magician.
Priestess Heal yourself with the benevolence of the Priestess.
Fool Shrug off afflictions with blind courage.
Chariot Create an infernal chariot to ride.
Hermit Teleport to an uninhabited location.
Empress Summon your friends to you.
Lovers Create a strong love for you in your target.
Hierophant Compel your victim to do your bidding.
Hangedman Hinder your opponent with a mass of ropes.
Tower Cause a crumbling tower to appear in your location.
Wheel Spin the wheel and take your chances.
Creator Create an illusion in an adjacent room.
Justice Bring justice to the unjust.
Star Strike down a foe with a flaming meteor.
Aeon Curse your foe with the mark of Chronos.
Lust Cause an opponent to hopelessly lust after you.
Universe Transport yourself around the land.
Devil Call a Devil to serve you, though no more than once.
Moon Bestow the maladies of the moon upon your enemy.
Death Call down Death itself to claim the soul of your enemy.


Domination is without question the most dangerous art within Achaea. It involves the summoning of entities from the Chaos Plane as well as Chaos Lords. You risk your life and your very soul in dealing with them, for they are powerful and not to be trifled with.

To gain the services of a Chaos Entity, one must first discover a way into the Chaos Plane. Once there, the intrepid Occultist can barter karma or gold to secure the aid of the various Chaos Lords. But there is no guarantee in this, the denizens of the Chaos Court are unpredictable and extremely dangerous and may turn on anyone at any time. A successful transaction will earn the Occultist pacts which they can use to summon the minions or aide of each Chaos Lord.

Abilities in Domination

Skyrax Skyrax, the Skyscourge.
Rixil Rixil, the spectre.
Eerion Eerion, the demon jester.
Arctar Arctar, the Defender.
Scrag Scrag, tender of the bloodleech pool.
Pyradius Pyradius, the firelord.
Golgotha Golgotha, the Ascendant's Thrall.
Dameron Jy'Barrak Dameron, the Hand.
Palpatar Palpatar, the Glutton of Glaaki.
Nin'Kharsag Nin'Kharsag, the Slime Master.
Istria Istria, the pathfinder.
Marduk Marduk, the eater of souls.
Nemesis Nemesis.
Buul Buul, the Chaos Chirurgeon.
Cadmus Cadmus, the cursed shaman.
Piridon Piridon, the shapechanger.
Danaeus Danaeus, the dark savant.
Xenophage Xenophage, keeper of the chaos gate.
Lycantha Lycantha, Keeper of the Hounds.
Tarotlink Command your doppleganger to throw tarot cards.
Hecate Hecate, Mother of the Crones.
Glaaki Glaaki, the Eldritch Ascendant.