The flying feet and fists of the Monk are a formidable foe.


The skills of the monk forge mind, body, and spirit into an indomitable force. Using their unarmed attacks they can break limbs, cause internal bleeding, sweep an opponent off his feet, and deliver body-crushing throws. A monk can confuse and damage the mind even over a distance and through the power of kai, can toughen his body to withstand damage, make himself heavier, and restore damaged limbs by sheer force of will.

The flying feet and fists of the Monk are a formidable foe.


What little is known about the origins of the monk class is that an ancient order of monks called the Sentaari developed the ability to use telepathy and harness kai energy. They also mastered the art of edgeless weapons, including the staff and the cane. These weapons allowed them to defend themselves against attackers without killing them, but were stripped from the monks in order to prevent them uprising in defense of an ancient Empire.

When their aid was eventually needed the Sentaari's Grandmaster of Flowers meditated for a month, then unveiled the unarmed art of Tekura, vowing that the monks would never again be made helpless against evil. Combining Tekura with his pre-existing mastery of Kaido and Telepathy, the Grandmaster drove the attackers from the monastery on Judgement Mountain. After the war, he disseminated the art to all the other monasteries, and so it has remained.


The art of Tekura was first developed more than 600 years ago, long before the fall of the Selucarian Empire. A sect of monks was being persecuted by some of the legions of the Empire and the monks were not permitted weapons to defend themselves. So, they were forced to train their bodies to martial perfection; their hands and feet becoming deadly weapons in and of themselves.

Most of the tekura abilities are affected by a variety of factors. First, being in a stance modifies the damage and speed of each tekura attack. You will always want to be in some stance or another while using tekura. Second, the higher your tekura, the more likely you are to hit an opponent with a particular attack, and the more damage you will do with that attack.

Abilities in Tekura

Horse The most basic stance.
Combo Combo attacks together.
Jab A straight-forward punch.
Snapkick A straight-forward kick.
Hook A curving punch.
Eagle Stance of the soaring eagle.
Sidekick A powerful thrusting kick.
Uppercut An upwards hooking punch.
Bodyblock Using your body to block blows.
Palmstrike A strike with your palm to the face.
Hammerfist A strike with your fists to the legs.
Cat An agile, defensive stance.
Roundhouse A twisting kick.
Evade A block that attempts to completely avoid attacks.
Sweep Attempting to sweep your opponent off his feet.
Bear A highly specialised stance.
Slam A throw to target the head.
Moonkick A powerful, curving kick.
Spear A jabbing punch with an outstretched hand.
Rat A well-balanced stance.
Thrustkick A kick designed to push your target away.
Wrench A throw that targets already damaged limbs.
Axe A slow but powerful kick.
Guarding Guarding a body part and counterattacking.
Scorpion A devastatingly powerful attack stance.
Whirlwind The most powerful kick.
Bladehand A swift strike to the side of the neck.
Pinch A special and powerful block.
Backbreaker The ultimate throw.
Jumpkick Attack someone in an adjacent room with a flying kick.
Dragon The superior state of mind.


Kaido is a skill with two main parts to it. The first part, comprising the lower abilities, consist of an assortment of defensive abilities that rely on bodily control, such as automatic mana regeneration and healing your limbs by force of will. The higher abilities relate to the use of Kai energy. After you have built up Kai energy by being near violent actions, you may use the Kai abilities, which are extremely powerful.

Abilities in Kaido

Weathering Increase your ability to weather damage.
Vitality Call upon a rush of adrenaline to heal you.
Sturdiness Standing firm against attempts to move you.
Toughness Increased resistance to physical attacks.
Deaf Blocking out sound by force of will.
Hearing Restoring your hearing.
Clotting Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Regeneration Regain health through strength of mind.
Sight Restoring your sight.
Blind Blinding yourself to prevent optical damage.
Resistance Reduce the damage taken from magical attacks.
Nightsight Gain the ability of infravision.
Fitness Controlling your breathing.
Restoration Healing damaged limbs by force of will.
Projectiles Avoiding many projectiles.
Dodging Avoiding attacks from the sky.
Constitution Maintaining your intestinal equilibrium.
Splitting Constant meditation by splitting your consciousness.
Breathing Holding your breath.
Consciousness The ability to stay conscious at all times.
Immunity Immunity from most poisons.
Boosting Increasing your rate of regeneration.
Transmute Instantly convert mana into health.
Numbness Delaying the effects of damage.
Kaitrance Entering the mystical Kai Trance.
Kaichoke Crush a victim's windpipe remotely.
Kaicripple Cripple your target completely.
Kaiheal Healing yourself with Kai energy.
Transition Push yourself beyond your limits.
Surge A blast of focussed power.
Kaiboost Increase your receptiveness to Kai energy.
Enfeeble Unleash a massive blast of kai energy at your opponent.
Deliverance Grant your enemies release from this mortal coil.


Telepathy is the formidable skill of mental manipulation. Whether you want to locate a friend, or eavesdrop on a foe's every move and word, telepathy enables utility, defence, strategy, and offence. With Radiance the adept can even destroy the mind of another, ending their unfortunate life in a blaze of power.

Abilities in Telepathy

Sense Use your telepathic powers to seek out others.
Lock Focus your telepathic power to lock minds with someone.
Glance Look through the eyes of your subject.
Telesense Detect attempts to mind lock you or others nearby.
Fear Fill your target's mind with an irrational fear.
Throw Mentally push a subject in any direction.
Hallucinate Project an illusion into the mind of your subject.
Terror Strike utter terror into the mind of your subject.
Confuse Disrupt and confuse your subject.
Suffuse Suffuse the mind of your subject with mental energy.
Drain Draw mana from your subject's mind into your own.
Listen Listen to all that your subject hears.
Divine Determine the health and mana levels of your subject.
Fullsense Seek out all minds within your reach.
Isolate Cut remote communication off from your subject.
Disrupt Destroy your opponent's mental equilibrium.
Transfer Transfer a telepathic lock to a fellow telepath.
Impatience Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Epilepsy Throw your victim's nervous system into disarray.
Pacify Soothe all violent thoughts from your subject's mind.
Empathy Establishing a physical link through your telepathy.
Stupidity Induce idiocy in the mind of your opponent.
Command Force a subject to do your bidding.
Mindcloak Stealth telepathy.
Paralyse Exert mental power to paralyse your subject.
Hypersense Hypersensitivity to telepathic activity.
Amnesia Induce temporary forgetfulness into your subject.
Barrier Throw up a telepathic barrier around your subject.
Scan Scan the mind of your subject.
Deadening Dull your opponent's mind.
Travel Cross great distances to your subject in a single step.
Mindnet Cast a mental net about your surroundings.
Crush Attack your subject with a crushing psychic attack.
Daze Render your subject extremely vulnerable to hypnosis.
Strip Strip the defences from your opponent.
Sapience Instantly know your subject's thoughts and actions.
Clamp Set a telepathic mind clamp about your subject.
Blackout Cause a short-lived, total blackout to your subject.
Scythe Cleave their psyche asunder.
Batter Devastate your opponent's mind with an overwhelming attack.
Radiance Destroy your subject with a single blast of mental energy.
Mindprints Take a mindprint of your subject.