The Magi is an elemental master.


Members of the Magi class are users of some of the 'purest' magic in Achaea, employing pure elemental magic, crystalline vibrations, and the manipulation of a crystal golem. They possess no inherent ethos or worldview and thus can be found in all cities, working in any endeavour.
The Magi is an elemental master.


The Magi's diverse skills balance offensive power with defensive prowess. A mage's offensive power comes through a combination of elemental attacks such as stormhammer and geyser and crystalline vibrations with effects such as increasing gravity or causing small earthquakes. Alongside this is an ability to create and manipulate a crystal golem. Perhaps more than just about any other class, a magus has the terrifying ability to attack multiple opponents at once.


By opening channels to four of the five Elemental realms (Magi do not use the Spirit realm), a Magi will be able to cast a wide variety of elementally-based offensive and defensive spells. The effects of these spells might range from summoning an efreeti to calling down the might of Vastar, the Skylord, in the Stormhammer, to bringing forth fog or hail.

Abilities in Elementalism

Channel Open conduits to the Elemental Realms.
Light Light up your surroundings.
Gust Blow someone in a direction with a gust of wind.
Reflection Create a distracting illusion of yourself.
Firelash Attack with elemental fire.
Waterweird Summon a water elemental to help you walk on water.
Stonefist Coat your fists with rock and punch with more power.
Stoneskin Create a protective but supple layer of stone around you.
Fortification Protect your open channels from attack.
Freeze Chill another adventurer.
Geyser Knock someone out of the trees or the sky.
Scry Locate another adventurer.
Sandling Summon a sand elemental to sequester you underground.
Chargeshield Create a magical shield to resist electric damage.
Erode Destroy the defences of your opponent.
Suppression Destroy the sustaining partita harmonic.
Bloodboil Boil off that which afflicts you.
Ring Extend the life of a crystalline vibration.
Muffle Muffle your crystalline vibrations.
Binding The magic of channel binding.
Lightning Fry your enemies with awesome bolts of lightning.
Firewall Create a wall of elemental fire.
Fog Conjure up obscuring fog.
Deepfreeze Cast a spell of extreme cold at your enemies.
Hellfumes Create choking fumes in your surroundings.
Aerial Summon an air elemental to carry you to the skies.
Flood Drown a location in water.
Illusion Cast an illusion of your choosing.
Quake Open cracks in the ground to drain away water.
Icewall Conjure up an obstructing icewall.
Simultaneity Parallel channeling.
Staff Summon an elemental staff.
Diamondskin Give your skin diamond-like hardening.
Unweave A way to unweave Talisman Pieces and gain gold.
Efreeti Call a fiery efreeti to your aid.
Transfix Mesmerise your target into inaction.
Staffstrike Supplement a physical strike with elemental power.
Hailstorm Call down a hailstorm to pummel everyone else in the room.
Stormhammer Call down the wrath of the storm upon multiple enemies.
Holocaust Create a delayed explosion of immense power.


Crystalism is a powerful skill which involves using magical crystals to create vibrations. These vibrations may be single-use or, more commonly, persistent and room-based. They can be of great help and healing to you, hinder your foe, or harm your enemy.

Abilities in Crystalism

Refine Refine a piece of crystal out of the Master.
Fold Fold pearls into a master crystal.
Embed Embed crystalline vibrations.
Touch Determine how many facets you may refine.
Spin Set crystals to spinning.
Dampen Attempt to dampen a vibration, destroying it.
Vibes See what vibrations are in a room.
Dissipate Attack the mana of your enemies.
Palpitation Cause small heart attacks in your enemies.
Heat Fill a room with soothing warmth.
Alarm Be alerted to movements of your enemies.
Tremors Cause ground-shaking quakes.
Reverberation Protect your vibrations against some attacks.
Sonicportal Open a portal to someone.
Adduction Suck those around you into your room.
Crystalhome Transport yourself back to the Master Crystal.
Harmony A soothing, healing vibration.
Creeps Cause fear in your enemies.
Silence A sound-negating vibration.
Revelation Reveal those around you who may be concealed.
Grounding Root yourself to the ground.
Oscillate Discordant music to cause amnesia.
Worldvibes The ability to see your vibes worldwide.
Focus Draw your vibrations back to you.
Disorientation Disorient your enemies with dizziness.
Energise Suck health from your enemies and use it.
Stridulation Destroy the equilibrium of your enemies.
Gravity Increase the power of gravity in the room.
Forest Cause a forest of sharp crystal to arise.
Dissonance Cause your enemies to become dissonant.
Plague Afflict your enemies with debilitating effects.
Lullabye Put your enemies to sleep.
Retardation Slow time in your location.
Cataclysm Unleash the fury of a team of magi.


In perfect union of a Magi's craft, Artificing combines the arcane power of elementalism and the perfect balance of crystalism to craft a mighty golem to carry out its creator's bidding.

Due to their crystalline structure, they have an innate tie to vibrations in their surroundings. A master magi can use this bond to unleash a variety of deadly effects against all who stand in their way.

Abilities in Artificing

Golemcraft Create a crystalline construct.
Club Have your golem strike the lesser beings.
Smash Direct your golem to shatter the limbs of your enemies.
Return Order your construct back to your side.
Hypothermia The freezing touch of Sllshya.
Assess Determine the composition of your construct.
Scald The true meaning of pain.
Scorch Sear flesh from bone.
Pummel Have your golem smash them to pieces.
Schematics Efficiently handle your constructs.
Dehydrate Make them vulnerable to the consuming flame.
Timeflux Disrupt the flow of time about an enemy.
Impurity Introduce impurities into the blood of your opposition.
Barrier Raise a protective shield.
Disfigure Disfigure their face beyond all recognition.
Inferno Bring forth a raging inferno.
Firestorm The very world shall burn at your command.
Conflagrate Summon forth a terrible conflagration.
Restore Restore some of your construct's energy.
Hypnotise Draw them into slumber.
Destroy The wrath of Kkractle is terrible indeed.
Deconstruct Break your construct down into its base components.
Destabilise The power to destabilise crystalline vibrations is formidable indeed.