The atavian Jester masters acrobatics to create a frustrating and powerful opponent.


Jesters are a rollicking lot, often silly and carefree. Some may choose to wander the highways putting on impromptu shows for passersby; others plan and carry out entire theatrical productions. They may be found as citizens of any city, or might choose to be cityless wanderers instead.
The atavian Jester masters acrobatics to create a frustrating and powerful opponent.


When an anomalous timequake brought Silvestri Carnivalis, court jester to the House of the Seleucarian Empire, into the present day, he found that his precious arts had been lost. Silvestri immediately founded the Jesters guild in order to restore humour to the world, and thus Jester was reborn.

With bodies trained in acrobatics, their backflips and handsprings can do more than amuse. Jesters are also famed for their ability to craft various tools of their trade; balloons that can lift people to the skies, a range of tricky bombs, jack-in-the-boxes concealing deadly surprises, and more. Combined with their ability to fashion magical puppets to manipulate others, makes a skilled Jester a formidable opponent.


The skill of pranks is an amusing mish-mash of acrobatic abilities, strange-and-amusing abilities involving props like balloons, mice, and jack-in-the-boxes, and the science of bomb-making. Practiced solely by Jesters, these abilities even include some seriously bad jokes, and even the ability to scrawl graffiti on city walls.

Abilities in Pranks

Handspring Leap at your foes in neighboring rooms.
Props Wish for the props that every good jester needs.
Balloons Take to the skies with balloons.
Slipperiness Slip out of that which would bind you
Bop Deliver a vicious blow with a blackjack.
Giraffes Twist a balloon into a giraffe.
Backflip Flip over obstructions
Hocuspocus Cast coloured illusions to dazzle those about you.
Runaway Make a swift retreat.
Concussionbomb Momentarily stun everyone in the room.
Butterflybomb Blast people from the skies and trees.
Balloonhandoff Launch your foes to the clouds with a balloon.
Backhandspring Leap out of the room striking someone on the way out.
Envenom Coat a weapon in venoms.
Balancing Maintain superior balance.
Smokebomb Choke all in the room with a plume of smoke.
Juggling The ancient art of juggling.
Webbomb Explode strands of webbing to bind everyone in the room.
Acrobatics Masterful footwork to make yourself a difficult target.
Badjoke Strip defences with your terrible jokes alone.
Mickey Slip someone a mickey.
Traps The ability to search for traps in your location.
Disarm Attempt to disarm a trap.
Graffiti Scrawl messages on walls.
Somersault Quickly somersault past obstructions.
Arrowcatch Pluck arrows from the air.
Bananas Litter the floor with banana peels.
Firecracker Construct festive firecrackers.
Itchpowder Employ the irritating itchpowder.
Dustbomb Numb the senses of your victims with a bomb.
Jackinthebox An innocent musical toy with a vicious bite!
Timers Give your bombs a delayed effect.
Suicidemice Brainwash mice to carry bombs on their backs.


Tarot is the occult skill of inscribing magical cards with various inks in order to create a powerful image. Each of the major arcana of the Tarot deck is represented here, from the light giving Sun, to the transportive powers of the Universe, and even Death, who will summon a spectre to draw your foe beyond life's veil.

Abilities in Tarot

Inscribing The ability to inscribe images upon blank Tarot cards.
Sun Create a portable light source.
Cardpacks Use the handy cardpacks for easier storage.
Emperor Create the compulsion in others to follow you.
Magician Replenish your mana with the might of the Magician.
Priestess Heal yourself with the benevolence of the Priestess.
Fool Shrug off afflictions with blind courage.
Chariot Create an infernal chariot to ride.
Hermit Teleport to an uninhabited location.
Empress Summon your friends to you.
Lovers Create a strong love for you in your target.
Hierophant Compel your victim to do your bidding.
Hangedman Hinder your opponent with a mass of ropes.
Tower Cause a crumbling tower to appear in your location.
Wheel Spin the wheel and take your chances.
Creator Create an illusion in an adjacent room.
Justice Bring justice to the unjust.
Star Strike down a foe with a flaming meteor.
Aeon Curse your foe with the mark of Chronos.
Lust Cause an opponent to hopelessly lust after you.
Universe Transport yourself around the land.
Devil Call a Devil to serve you, though no more than once.
Moon Bestow the maladies of the moon upon your enemy.
Death Call down Death itself to claim the soul of your enemy.


Puppetry is a skill that lets you create an empathetic link between a puppet and someone else. By making this link stronger through repeated refinements of the puppet, you can affect that person from afar.
If someone obtains a puppet of you, then you must either get the puppet back and destroy it, or slay the Puppetmaster that created it.

Abilities in Puppetry

Fashion Fashion puppets from wood. 
Gripping Grip your puppets tighter than ever before.
Confusion Muddle the thoughts of your victim.
Dizzy Cause your enemy to become unsteady on his feet.
Sleep Put someone to sleep.
Illusion Cause your victim to see an image of your choosing.
Spy See the surroundings of your target.
Status Find out what the health and mana of your target is.
Strip Strip someone's defences.
Paralyse Lock up the muscle system of your victim.
Break Break both the arms or both the legs of someone.
Throttle Choke the life out of your victim.
Reckless Induce a sense of extreme bravado in your opponent.
Tickle Tickle the feet of your puppet.
Burn Set them ablaze.
Bleed Make them bleed.
Travel Instantly travel to your target.
Cripple Break all the limbs of some unlucky victim.
Command Make a victim obey your orders.
Slow Make a victim move in slow motion.
Puncture Damage your target's internal organs.
Blackout Rob your victim of some of his senses.
Summon Summon your victim to you.
Bind Tie up your hapless opponent.
Listen Hear talking through your target's ears.
Inventory See the inventory of your target.
Imbibe Prick your target to make them sick.
Mangle Viciously mangle one of your victim's limbs.
Concussion Give your victim a concussion.
Leech Leech the experience from your victim.
Truefashion Fashion faster than ever before.