Armed with the traditional knightly skills of Chivalry and Weaponmastery, it is these combined with the foul arts of Necromancy that make the Infernals of Achaea a fearsome foe. The consumption of mortal hearts empowers the Infernal with Life essence, that Necromancy then twists and pollutes to enable their diabolical aims. Form spears from the souls of the dead, skills such as bolstering one's vitality, spread disease about yourself, transform yourself into the choking blackwind, and even create a cage around your soul to protect it from death itself.


The class of Infernals came into being in the early days of the modern era through the efforts of Ekary Lucoster, the Sinistar, a knight dedicated to Evil.

While most uphold the usual knightly virtues of honour and chivalry in combat, most Infernal knights serve Evil before all else. With their blackened steel and their red-eyed falcons, the Infernal knights are a vision from the flames of Hell itself when they appear on the battlefield, their eyes gleaming from behind their helms. Infernal knights eschew all weakness in their pursuit of strength and dominance over others.


Necromancy is the dark art of death magic. At the lower levels, there is an assortment of rather nefarious abilities. Soon though, the ability of Cannibalism is gained, a skill which has inspired wide-spread fear of those practicing Necromancy. Through cannibalism, a Necromancer increases his life essence, which powers the higher abilities. At the very highest level, a Necromancer gains the power to protect his very soul from death.

Abilities in Necromancy

Deathsight Attune yourself to the Underworld.
Chill Send the cold of the grave to plague an opponent.
Sense Seek out the life force of another being.
Decay Causing your opponent's flesh to decay.
Night Create darkness in the room.
Shroud Perform many actions in secret.
Screech The shriek of the banshee.
Taint Attack those with pure souls.
Feed Derive sustenance from another being.
Leech Leech away the mental energy of your target.
Lifevision Allows you to see many hidden beings.
Shrivel Cause your opponent's limbs to shrivel up.
Cannibalism Rip out and consume the heart of your victims.
Essence Sense about how much life essence you have.
Sapience Draw upon your essence to increase your mana.
Vigour Draw upon your essence to increase your health.
Putrefaction Cause your flesh to decay and melt.
Drain Drain your life essence into another Necromancer.
Belch Spew forth a noxious gas.
Deathaura Surround yourself in a miasma of evil.
Disfigure Curse someone with the visage of a rotting corpse.
Soulstorm Driving animal spirits away.
Gravehands Summon the hands of the grave to hinder your opponents.
Leprosy Spread disease to all around you.
Exterminate Destroy all plant life in a location.
Vengeance Revenge with your dying breath.
Frenzy Channel visions of the Inferno, inspiring supernatural bloodlust.
Soulspear Meld soul-matter from the dead into a physical weapon.
Transverse Cross vast distances in a single step.
Blackwind Assume the form of the deadly blackwind.
Infestation Summon vile maggots from the depths.
Desecration Banish the holy rites of the Bloodsworn Gods.
Vivisect Rip your victim's chest open and torture him to death.
Soulcage Harness your life essence to escape death itself.


Masters of melee weapons, knights with the weaponmastery skill are a force to be reckoned with. Weaponmasters can select a specialisation based on the weapons they wish to use:

Dual cutting: Proficient in the use of two cutting weapons, knights with this specialisation use scimitars or battle axes to decimate their foes with damage and venoms.

Dual blunt: Master of destruction, these specialists obliterate an opponents limbs with flails and morningstars.

Two-handed: Wielding the largest weapons available, these warriors conquer their enemies with bastard swords and warhammers.

Sword and Shield: Using their shields for both offence and defence, masters of the sword and shield specialisation are a foe to fear. They are also armed with longswords and broadswords.

General Abilities in Weaponmastery

SwordplayIncreased mastery of the shortsword.
SpecialiseGain proficiency in one of the schools of weaponry.
EnvenomCoat a weapon in venoms.
ArcSwing your blade in a controlled arc.

Two-Handed Specialisation

ContinuationShrug off afflictions like the trivialities they are.
SlaughterDispense with your opposition.
OverhandSplit their skulls with a mighty blow.
CarveCarve through your victim's defences.
SplinterSplinter the defences protecting your opponent.
PerceivePerceive the state of your opponent.
UnderhandDeliver a devastating rising stroke.
UpsetBring them down in a tangle of limbs.
HewDeliver precision strikes against your opponent's limbs.
PulverisePulp your opponent's limbs with crushing blows.
DistractDistract them with a deafening shout.
FocusAlter your technique.
DeflectRedirect incoming projectiles.
CleaveRend your opponent's body in two.
SkullcrushCrush their skulls.
RecoverA true knight will die on his feet.
DevastateDestroy their limbs utterly.
BrainPut him out of his misery.
ImpaleSink your blade into an opponent.
DisembowelTear the entrails from a target.

Sword And Shield Specialisation

RendRend the flesh of your foes.
RazeRemove the defences that would keep your weapons from your foe.
SmashDeliver a crushing blow with your shield.
CombinationLink your blade and shield attacks into devastating combinations.
DriveDeny them of breath with a precise strike to the throat.
SliceSpeed is the mark of a true master.
ImpalePin them to the ground with your blade.
ConcussRattle their brain with a mighty blow.
TripSend them sprawling.
ClubA brutal display of power.
CleaveRend your opponent's body in two.
DedicationYour dedication to victory can overcome all barriers.
FerocityChannel the ferocity of battle.
StrikeUnleash your ferocity against your foe.
GuardbreakExploit holes in their guard.
DisembowelTear the entrails from a target.

Dual Cutting Specialisation

PredictPredict when your blows will damage their limbs.
RazeAttack the defences that would keep your weapons out.
DualityThe ability to wield and use two weapons simultaneously.
LungeA deep, piercing blow from an adjacent location.
ImpaleSink your blade into an opponent.
RazeslashFirst penetrate his defences, then give him the sharp end.
UndercutTake them down to the ground.
CleaveRend your opponent's body in two.
MasteryThrough intense concentration, increase your blade mastery.
ConcussRattle skulls with a brutal blow.
IntimidateMake them fear for their life.
DisembowelTear the entrails from a target.

Dual Blunt Specialisation

MomentumStrike them with ever greater power.
WhirlThe most basic of blunt attacks.
FractureFracture the defences that would protect your opponent.
DoublewhirlStrike twice as fast.
PredictPredict when your blows will damage their limbs.
SkullcrushCrush their skulls.
DisciplineYour form is flawless.
ExpendExpend your momentum for crippling effects.
AssaultUnleash a terrible assault against a helpless opponent.
PulpEnd their life in a single strike.


Chivalry is a skill that may be thought of as having three distinct parts. The first part, Falconry, involves the raising, training, and use of falcons. The second part of Chivalry is archery. By gaining the abilities to assess wind direction and speed and use different kinds of bows (longbows, crossbows, darkbows) you may attack from afar, or shoot at a cowardly opponent who has fled to the skies. The third and final part of Chivalry involves an assortment of aggressive abilities ranging from howling a Battlecry, to Engaging your unlucky opponent, to boosting your prowess with Fury..

Abilities in Chivalry

FalconUse the basic skills to interact with your falcon.
WeatheringIncrease your ability to weather damage.
SeekOrder your bird to seek out an adventurer.
GlanceLook through the eyes of your bird.
BlockObstructing departure with your body.
FitnessControlling your breathing.
FollowOrder your falcon to aerially follow someone.
GrippingGrip your wielded items in a deathlock.
BargeBarging your opponents.
BattlecryStun a target with the power of your voice.
BowmanshipUse of the valued projectile weapon.
QuiversTake full advantage of your quiver.
WindFurther increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
AimingIncrease your accuracy in shooting.
SturdinessStanding firm against attempts to move you.
DeliverOrder your falcon to deliver an object to someone.
ResistanceReduce the damage taken from magical attacks.
CrossbowsA powerful projectile weapon.
ClottingReduce the level of your bleeding.
RageThrow off pacifying afflictions.
RetrieveCommand your falcon to fetch an object for you.
StartleOrder your bird to harass an opponent's steed.
TrackOrder your falcon to follow and track someone.
DefendAttempt to protect someone else with swordwork.
ObserveYour falcon can now report on the state of individuals.
DarkbowsUsing the infamous darkbows of Hashan.
WarhawkEquip your falcon with talons of steel.
EngageDamage a cowardly opponent.
SwiftmountMount or vault your steeds at increased speed.
FuryTemporarily raise your strength.