Gaia, the Earthmother


Druids are the most ancient of the forestal classes, devoted to the forests and all they represent. Although their isolationist nature has tended to remove them from the great events of history, the formation of the forest commune of Eleusis in modern times has given these metamorphing grove users power that extends beyond their beloved forests.
A Druid at home in the forest.


The skills of a Druid are rooted in forest and beast. Perhaps the most important is the ability to establish a location in the forest as a personal grove, from which the sun's power flows. Within his Grove, none can stand against a Druid; there they reign supreme, backed by the full power of the forest. Swarms of bees will attack enemies, a golem can be made to guard the grove, lightning may be called down, thorny vines commanded to hurt and hinder your enemies, and far more.

Outside of the grove, Reclamation allows all of the land to be returned to nature, whilst Metamorphosis places the ranging powers of the squirrel, the grizzly bear, and even the mighty wyvern at the Druid's fingertips.


Groves is the skill of interacting with the great forests of Achaea. It will allow you to establish a private Grove from which you will base your power. Groves absorb and accumulate sunlight, which you use to power the abilities. Every night, you will lose some of the sunlight, as the Grove must maintain itself even when everything else is sleeping soundly. Further, most abilities in Groves will use up some of this sunlight energy. Before you can make a Grove of your own, you must use your abilities to discover an unclaimed forest location.

Abilities in Groves

Imprint Choose a forest location as your grove.
Perceive Determine if a forest area has been claimed as a grove.
Sever Erase your imprint permanently from your grove.
Energy Determine how much sunlight your grove has stored.
Who Sense who is in the forest.
Status Discover information on the status of your grove.
Look See through the eyes of a forest into a distant location.
Shake Send a tremor throughout your grove.
Elevate Ascend into the treetops.
Watch Command your grove to report certain activity within it.
Eject Toss all but yourself out of your grove.
Return Return instantly to your grove from anywhere in the forest.
Eyes Locate everyone in the forest.
Forestwatch Know all entry and exit from the forest.
Seal Prevent night-time draining sunlight from your grove.
Tend Lovingly caring for your grove.
Lastharvest The ability to see who last harvested in a room.
Naturalism Discover who exterminated a room last.
Screen Raise a screen against telepathy within your grove.
Roots Secure yourself to the ground with tree roots.
Preservation For one year, shield your grove from damage.
Smudge Remove ground-based runes from your grove.
Quarterstaff Summon a powerful quarterstaff from your grove.
Calling Call your loyal creatures back to your grove.
Track Constantly track the movement of anyone in the forest.
Portal Open a portal to your grove for anyone in the forest.
Summon After a time, bring anyone in the forest to your grove.
Flow Slip instantly from your grove to anyone in the forest.
Imbue Infuse your quarterstaff with the power of sunlight.
Regrowth Reform a sharpened quarterstaff.
Cure Cure someone of an affliction.
Isolation Transport yourself to the Glade of Isolation.
Channel Transfer energy to the grove of another.
Vigour Call on the invigorating warmth of sunlight.
Remedy Heal another of maladies and ailments.
Rain Conjuring a magical shower of rejuvenating rain.
Fertility Perform the rites of fertility.
Concealment Hide all those within your grove from prying eyes.
Sharing Granting the use of your grove to your allies.
Flash Illuminate the surroundings with a revealing flash of light.
Gate Open a gateway of light.
Harmony Seek Nature's blessing through absolute harmony.
Hive Create a hive of stinging bees to defend your grove.
Overgrowth Return a totem to the embrace of Nature.
Rejuvenate Restore an exterminated room to its natural state.
Snowstorm Spread the white cloak of winter across the land.
Wildgrowth Ensnare your enemies with tenacious plantlife.
Barrier Form an impenetrable barrier of light itself.
Forestbinding Prevent all entry and exit from the forest.
Resurrection Restore yourself or a friend to life.
Guardian Summon an earth golem to guard your grove.
Dampen Put an end to aural interferences.
Lightning Strike your foes with nature's fury.
Panacea Nature's touch can heal all ills.
Portability The ultimate expression of the bond with your grove.


In servitude to Nature, Metamorphosis is the ability to bond with the spirits of various animals. These range from the mundane squirrel to the fantastic icewyrm. Each morph has its own powers and strengths that enable a variety of tactics and utility skills.

Forage in the forest for sustenance as a squirrel, trample the bones of the enemies of Nature with the elephant, sing an exquisite song and create an impervious shield about yourself with the Nightingale, or pound the very life from a body with the Gorilla. Their powers are yours.

Abilities in Metamorphosis

Powers The powers you possess when morphed into a creature.
Squirrel A cute, bushy-tailed woodland creature.
Wildcat A small untamed feline. Alert and perceptive.
Wolf The wary white wolf.
Turtle The aquatic turtle.
Jackdaw The black jackdaw.
Cheetah A creature quick of eye and fleet of foot.
Owl The wise bird of prey.
Hyena A vicious, stealthy creature with a chilling howl.
Condor The swift and mighty bird of prey.
Gopher A cute, burrowing animal.
Sloth A slow, ponderous creature.
Bear The mighty grizzly bear.
Bonding Increased rapport with the animal spirits.
Nightingale A delicate, beautiful bird with an exquisite song.
Elephant Largest of the land mammals.
Transmorph The ability to morph from form to form.
Wolverine Pound for pound, one of the most vicious animals.
Icewyrm A mythical creature of awesome, magical power.
Eagle The king of all flighted birds.
Gorilla An agile yet powerful primate.
Affinity Obtaining a greater affinity with an animal spirit.
Wyvern The cousin of dragons themselves.
Hydra A fearsome creature steeped in mystery.
Truemorph Instantaneous metamorphosis.


In the beginning there were no cities; those that practice Reclamation shall see it so again. Nature is both beautiful and terrible, and the power that Reclamation grants reflects this. Those that have gained proficiency are able to tap into the remnants of natural life in a location, coaxing them to grow at an astounding rate. Nature shall overtake the location, granting the one great power when standing upon their reclaimed land.

Abilities in Reclamation

Reclaim The greatest oak sprouts from a tiny seed.
Relinquish Sometimes one must retreat to advance.
Expand Slowly but surely.
Status Know the extent of your control.
Forestwalk You are everywhere at once.
Lash The vines will scourge their flesh.
Sleepspores Send them into slumber.
Windwhisper The wind tells many secrets.
Knowledge Nothing can be hidden from you.
Omniscience Knowledge is power.
Poisonspores A far less gentle fate.
Consume The flesh of the fallen shall nourish nature.
Constrict Restrain those that trespass.
Regrowth Nature will always recover.
Pollen Choke the life from them.
Signal Let no transgression go unpunished.
Smother Rob the flames of oxygen.
Refresh The most benign of spores.
Polarity Two is better than one.
Subsume All will become one.
Trinity Perfect control is yours.
Ward Over your dead body.
Revive Breathe life back into the fallen.
Embrace Return them to the embrace of nature.
Wrath The wrath of nature unleashed.