A master of shadows, the Depthswalker stalks in darkness with scythe and dagger.


Gifted the stolen arts of the Tsol'teth by Parni deSangre, Seleucar's doom, in an act of spite, these men and women were designed to be weapons in a final act of hatred. Armed with the secret research trees of Terminus, the perilous practices of Aeonics, and the controlling magics of Shadowmancy, Depthswalkers stand upon the shoulders of giants to achieve their own glory.

A master of shadows, the Depthswalker stalks in darkness with scythe and dagger.


Removed of his centuries long guise, Parni deSangre gifted the Depthswalker class to Achaea in a poignant moment of loss and spite. A both selfish and selfless act in order to ensure the doom of the Tsol'teth race. Sharing the Tsol'teth secrets of Shadowmancy and the research trees of Terminus with the world, ex-Tenith'oru, once the Man In Grey, Seleucar's Doom completed the knowledge with his own studies of Aeonics. Perfected by he and his protege Kosuira, the Depthswalker is capable of altering time to affect the world around them.

In order to begin their study and access the research laboratory to unlock the powers offered by Terminus, the wielder of Time must first work out how to seek Kosuira, the only known protege of Tenith'oru whose death upon the Sangre Plains in the Sarapin of 727 AF prompted the distribution of such guarded knowledge.


Practitioners of Aeonics specialise in modifications to localised time, both their own and that of others. It is whispered that the truly great may turn aside that greatest enemy of all: death.

Abilities in Aeonics

Memory Remember what was.
Regression Time bends to accomodate.
Divine The timelines do not lie.
Rewind The past becomes the present.
Blur Move with supernatural speed.
Rift Distance is no barrier.
Images One of many.
Causality The future is yours.
Accelerate It all adds up.
Disassociate Gain now is pain later.
Doom Their days are numbered.
Dilation Given time all rules can be broken.
Aeon The curse of the Lord of Time.
Displacement A minor adjustment.
Preempt There is no escape.
Shift A slip sideways through time.
Backlash Everything has a price.
Discard The mind is your weapon.
Haste Be slow and dead.
Loop Over, and over, and over again.
Degenerate The ravages of time.
Paradox They shall conform.
Deterioration Madness comes to all.
Distortion Those that forget the past...
Timewell Your might made manifest...
Rebirth Death shall never claim you.


"Light does not create shade, Light constrains shade. In the darkness shadows are free." Thus spoke Overlord Gattan'lier 468 years before the fall of the Seleucarian Empire.

Practitioners of this skill are never truly helpless, for where there is darkness they are mighty, and where there is a Depthswalker darkness soon follows. The abilities vary greatly, ranging from the foundational concepts--manifesting weapons from nothing but shadows--to the ultimate expression of the art: turning a foe's own shadow against its host in a final, brutal betrayal.

Abilities in Shadowmancy

Enshroud Cloak your location in blackest night.
Manifest Forge weapons from the shadows that surround you.
Cull Your foes are wheat before the storm.
Intone The shadows are your voice and more.
Cloak The cloak of power from ancient lore.
Ascend Take to the sky upon a surge of shadows.
Disperse Melt away into the darkness.
Strike You shall not suffer obstructions.
Phylactery A prison for the fallen.
Instill The might of the Overlords directed through your weapon.
Degeneration Attack their physical capability.
Envenom Coat a weapon in venoms.
Convey Good help is hard to find.
Reap Your onslaught shall claim them all.
Depression Turn their focus inward.
Vortex Bring the fight to you.
Retribution There shall be no salvation.
Sever A minor mercy.
Step None are beyond your reach.
Preeminence The shadows tell you all.
Madness Insanity is a torture all its own.
Consume They shall sustain you.
Redeem Grant respite to a former foe.
Contemplation Perceive the state of another's mental strength.
Attune Minor alterations can have major repercussions.
Leach Their weakness is your strength.
Veil Cloak your movements to the paramount degree.
Mutilate Beyond all recognition.
Extinguish The shadows are your dominion.
Dictate Death is but a word away.


Perhaps the most feared of the Tsol'teth arts is Terminus, born from centuries of unfettered research without qualm.

Though Terminus supplies many great and terrible powers--the Litany of Obedience being a prime example--its true strength comes from its diversity. One day a Depthswalker may subjugate the wills of those that stand in opposition; the next call down lightning to scourge an opposing army. Knowing is half the battle.

Within the six research trees of Terminus are abilities not listed here, these are for the bold and incautious to find out...

(* denotes a research tree)

Abilities in Terminus

Research Knowledge is power.
Hunting * The acquisition of strength.
Longevity * Who doesn't want to live forever?
Augmentation * Only the best.
Environmental * The world is your weapon.
Conquest * The might of the warlords.
Purge The mind is malleable.
Mastery Master your chosen field.
Dominion * Control, control, control.
Fulcrum The centre of your power.
Truevoice True voice of the Tsol'teth.
Diversify Mediocrity is unacceptable.