The amphibious grook.


In the late sixth century after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, a great alchemical imbalance threatened our world. Forged by Phaestus and tainted by Twilight's hand, the planet Nurazar wreaked havoc across the lands, causing the cabal to resurface. With the help of Achaeans everywhere, the cabal was able to destroy Nurazar, restoring balance to the cosmos and revealing the Alchemist class.

The amphibious grook.


In the late sixth century after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, a great alchemical imbalance threatened our world. Forged by Lord Phaestus and tainted by Lord Twilight's hand, the planet Nurazar wrought havoc across the lands, causing the Cauda Pavonis to resurface. With the help of Achaeans everywhere, this ancient cabal of Alchemists was able to destroy Nurazar, restoring balance to the cosmos and revealing the Alchemist class.


Alchemy is the primary study of the Alchemists, focusing on the manipulation of the ether and the alchemical energies that flow through it. The main focus of the skill is based upon drawing upon the latent alchemical energies via Symbology to direct the power of the alchemical primes and metals. Further aspects of Alchemy involve the extraction of the three primes; salt, sulphur, and mercury; from the earth itself, and synthesising these substances into various metals. The skilled practitioner of Alchemy will even find it possible to transmute flesh into varying substances, culminating in the ability to encase another completely in gold.

Abilities in Alchemy

Symbology Draw upon the alchemical energies.
Lead Density from the lowest of the metals.
Seek Find another through the ether.
Robes The mystic garb of the Alchemist.
Iron Strike with the power of iron.
Salt The first prime will cleanse your body.
Tin Tin will grant you a reflective barrier.
Copper Shatter an enemy's defence with copper's energies.
Extispicy The future is found in unexpected places.
Sulphur The second prime will quicken your healing.
Displace Drag another through the ether.
Silver The light of silver reveals all.
Phlogistication Burn your enemy from the inside out.
Gold The highest of the metals allows you to share your wisdom.
Etherchannel Part the ether for expedient travel.
Mercury The third prime will bolster your mind.
Astronomy The power of the cosmos is yours.
Vitrification Turn an opponent's skin into glass.
Decompound A way to devolve Talisman Pieces into pure gold.
Revivification Grant life to the deceased.
Disrupt Send ripples through the ether.
Aurification Immortalise your enemies in gleaming gold.


Using the mystic research carried out over the centuries in the Cauda Pavonis, Alchemists have mastered the art of amalgamating potent compounds that can turn the tide of any battle. A variety of different mixtures are available, from phials of toxic gases which can be thrown into groups of enemies, to helpful concoctions that, when imbibed, will bolster the creator's offensive and defensive capabilities.

Abilities in Formulation

Mask Craft yourself a protective mask.
Amalgamate Combine minerals to create potent compounds.
Endorphin Soothe the body with a potent endorphin.
Nutritional A potent nutritional supplement.
Corrosive An acid to eat away at various defences.
Petrifying Partial petrification comes with many advantages.
Incendiary Sear flesh from bone with this lethal compound.
Alteration Modify various properties of your compounds.
Scrutinise Determine specifics about your compounds.
Insufflate This compound will allow you to convert water into oxygen.
Devitalisation The air itself turns against your victims.
Intoxicant Paralyse the lungs of the unprotected.
Vaporisation A compound that reacts violently with water.
Phosphorous A compound to create a blinding flash.
Monoxide A gas to disorientate your subjects.
Toxin Death with a single breath.
Concussive A compound that reacts violently when exposed to the air.
Mayology The culmination of the Mayan experiment.
Halophilic An experimental agent.
Enhancement A formula to enhance your physiology.
Bolster Force your body beyond its limits.
Philosopherstone The pinnacle of Alchemical learning.


Physiology is the study of the biological processes required for life. Alchemists trained in Physiology will find themselves able to utilise this knowledge in two primary ways: First, Alchemists may manipulate the humours, or vital fluids, of others in order to cause illnesses of varying degree, eventually gaining the power to slay another via spontaneous organ failure. Humourism, as this art is called, is based upon the tempering of another's body, aiming to increase his internal fluid level. An unrestricted Humourist is a force to be feared, but their effects may be countered by the ingestion of the ginger herb and antimony mineral. The second aspect of Physiology is the creation and control of homunculi. From within a properly equipped laboratory, the trained Alchemist may take a small sample of his own flesh, germinating it into a homunculus. Through the physiological and ethereal bond between Alchemist and homunculus, the diminutive creature may be controlled by its master, able to perform varied tasks from assaulting an opponent to being the eyes, ears, and mouth of its owner.

Abilities in Physiology

Humourism Tinker with an enemy's vital fluids.
Cultivation A homunculus will serve you faithfully.
Eyes See through the eyes of your homunculus.
Legs Control your homunculus's legs from a distance.
Wrack Afflict an opponent by assaulting the humours.
Arms Specialised attacks for your homunculus.
Evaluate Discern the vitals of another.
Ears Listen through your homunculus's ears.
Diffusion Manipulation of two humours at once.
Mouth Speak through the mouth of your homunculus.
Saturation Concurrent control over three humours.
Hands Your homunculus possesses dextrous fingers.
Effusion Mastery of all four humours.
Torso Your homunculus will prevent an enemy from escaping.
Truewrack Wrack two humours simultaneously.
Throat Your homunculus's screeching will startle an enemy.
Inundate Attack an already imbalanced humour.
Corruption Capitalise on your homunculus's alien physiology.
Transfusion Eternal life with a brand new body.
Reave Kill another with catastrophic organ failure.


The first boon offered by the Genesis, earned by the bravery of Hashan's leadership in 798 AF, the oft-whispered of Wellspring beneath the city is no longer a locked and guarded secret, but remains guarded nonetheless.

The Alchemists who dare to experiment with the residual power of the ancient Protean star have cast off the limiting truths presented by the Cauda Pavonis and tread paths of study never walked before.

Students of the field of Sublimation typically work within three broad schools: Manipulation, Substantiation, and Alignment. Drawing upon the great Wellspring of energy beneath the city of Hashan to enact their workings, masters of these schools are terrible to behold.

* Sublimation is an alternative skill that replaces Formulation.

** ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: Sublimation is controlled by the City of Hashan. If you are an enemy, might be an enemy, or have hostile intent against this organisation we strongly advise against selecting this as your field. They can and will remove your ability to functionally utilise this skill.

Abilities in Sublimation

Schools Knowledge is the path to greatness.
Tap Tap the power of the Wellspring.
Field Choose your field of study.
Residual Waste not even the scraps.
Overdraw A pragmatic price.


The School of Substantiation

Transience Deception is the first step.
Identity The masks we wear.
Dispersal Before its even close.
Sympathy Sympathetic connections are harder than they seem.
Copies One is just a number, after all.
Radiation Annihilation unleashed.
Imposition Your will is absolute.


The School of Manipulation

Internal To manipulate energy is dangerous work.
Thermal A slight shunting of heat.
Gravity The fundamental force.
Solar An intermediary form of energy.
Gravitywell Control the distance.
Probability The abstract can be cruel.
Spatial The ultimate form of Manipulation.


The School of Alignment

Placement Every step an artform.
Combustion A spark in the right place and moment.
Weatherpatterns So many options.
Frequency Just the right pitch.
Eruption Delayed devastation.
Flashstep One with energy.
Nocturne Annihilate them.