February in Achaea!

Hi everyone!

February is upon us already and that means goodbye to dice and hello to the Wheel of Fortune which has returned to the Ace of Spades Casino in New Thera. You can purchase prismatic tokens from the website at www.achaea.com/credits and there is also a token available from the renown shop. Simply WALK TO WHEEL if you can't find it!

We've carried out an audit of the Wheel's prizes this month and made some adjustments to the odds - functionally this means the rarer prizes have been made a bit more likely to occur on your spin, meaning even better overall value!

You can find the full list of what is available from the wheel under HELP WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Talisman caches this month open for races, blackwave, and death.

For February we've also brought back the velvet pouches of chocolates - these can also be obtained from the wheel and convey a range of possible effects which I've detailed below as we haven't seen these for a while!

  • Eating one of the chocolates in this pouch will grant a boon to your character or, if you're feeling generous, to someone else for double the benefits.
  • The effects that the chocolates can provide range from experience boosts, increased stats, critical hit bonuses, faster movement, increased regeneration, the levitation defence, and the ability to travel to a mutual ally.
  • Each of these lasts for 24 hours. Alas, there is also the possibility of being turned into a toad for 20 minutes. Alack!
  • If you FEED one of the chocolate to a denizen, you will receive a bonus to all experience gained from killing denizens of that type for 24 hours.
  • You can also eat more than one at once - in the event that you get the same effect, the duration of your bonus will be extended!


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December in Achaea!

December is here!

Later in the month the realm will become entirely festive, Makesh will put his Logosmas wares on sale, Ironbeard will make his rounds, and Merrywick will open once again!

For the promotionally inclined stockings have returned to www.achaea.com/credits featuring a new talisman set, the Wanderer talisman set!

Caches from stockings can also be opened for Logosmas set talismans if desired.

The Wanderer Talisman Set

A large slice of waybread
EAT this waybread once per Achaean day to fully satiate yourself and remove any vestiges of tiredness.

A globe of the aimless
THROW this globe at someone and they will suffer from poor accuracy with their bows for the next five minutes. Can only be used once every 30 minutes.

A tattered parchment
CONSULT PARCHMENT will tell you how many non-player loyals are currently alive in that area.

A wanderer's starchart
This starchart will increase the radius of your visible map when on board a ship.

A Khalasian compass
Possessing this compass will increase your celerity when not upon the Prime Material Plane.

A featureless sculpture
Declare that your foe is a mistake - MISTAKE -, and you will begin a channeled action which, if it resolves, will slay them outright and leave a stone statue of them behind. This sculpture will also change to be the last person you slew with it.

A bloody knife
With this knife in your inventory (not wielded), you may BETRAY a mutual ally and plunge it into their chest. While this does deal some damage, it will also let you balancelessly farsee that person (requires but does not consume equilibrium) for the next thirty minutes. You may only betray someone every ten minutes in this way.

Some woven hand wraps
These unassuming hand wraps convey truly mighty power upon the wearer. You may OVERPOWER <HIGH and send them rocketing into the sky after a channel (longer for each grade of strength). You may only overpower someone in this way every five minutes.

Robes of the wanderer
These robes serve as robes of the magi and cut all mana useage, but also cut willpower useage to a similar degree as well.

See HELP STOCKINGS for all stocking-related commands and to see a complete list of prizes and minimum stocking values!

Every 150 stockings opened will trigger a bonus stocking in the next 50 to be opened, awarding massively increased prizes!

ADDITIONALLY! For every 5 stockings of each type you purchase, you'll receive either a gold or platinum stocking of that tier! So if you purchase 5 fancy stockings, you'll get a gold (or platinum) fancy stocking. Gold and platinum stockings are special and fill up only on Christmas and New Year's Day, respectively!

On January 10th we will also be drawing a raffle! Tickets for this will be gained from opening stockings, and each day you earn your maximum of 2000 renown you will earn a ticket too!

First winner will take home a pair gloves of arrowcatching (or 2000 bound credits if they don't want them)!
Second winner will take home a gold inkbrush!
Third winner will take home a red inkbrush!

Any tickets held by non winners after the raffle is drawn will be converted to 2 bound credits each. (If you win prize 1, 2, or 3, all of your tickets are consumed and do not convert.)


All previously hung stockings have been returned to their original owner's inventories, and can be hung fresh for yourselves or new recipients!

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November in Achaea!

It's time to say goodbye to another fun-filled Mayaween, and while Logosmas twinkles on the not-so-distant horizon, let's welcome in November!

As always, we have some fun things in store for this month that we're not going to spoil just yet, so for now, the promotion has changed!

First of all, over at www.achaea.com/credits you'll find the artefact cart, talisman packages (Wonders, Blackwave, Renegades, Eldergods, and Moderngods) and lesson packages all on sale.

For those of you unfamiliar (or who just want a refresher), the Artefact Cart lets you add your artefacts to your shopping cart on the website and purchase them at a discounted rate directly (30% discount by default, 40% if the purchaser has an Iron Elite membership).

Do note that you do need to be logged in on the website to buy artefacts in this way, so to be sure that your elite bonus always applies if applicable!

On top of the standard 30/40% discount offered by the artefact cart, we're also further discounting select artefact categories throughout the month. (These are listed on UPCOMING.)

1st through 10th - All class artefacts.
11th through 20th - Stat and regen artefacts, and all things artefact armour.
21st through 30th - All offensive and defensive category artefacts.

If you purchase caches, every 10 talismans you buy of a talisman set earns you a bonus rare piece from that set.

So if you buy 10 Renegades talisman caches, you'll get a bonus, rare Renegades talisman piece! But, if you buy 3 Renegades caches and 7 Eldergods caches, you won't earn a bonus piece, because the 10 spread across sets.

Secondly, we've added a new talisman shop to Delos, and within you will find most of the Invasion, Planes, and Races talismans available for outright purchase and partial completion! See their respective helpfiles for all of those details!


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Plunder the Graves!

The Kartha have departed, leaving behind Lord Scarlatti in their wake! We are looking forward to an artistic revival as He settles in over the coming months!

As we gear up for Mayaween and all of its spooks and scares, keys for caskets are on sale now at www.achaea.com/credits!

Visit the Tomacula graveyard and begin plundering the caskets of the restless dead!

When you have a complete key you can visit the Tomacula graveyard, where they will have an array of 64 caskets waiting to be unlocked (in an 8x8 grid). The prize list that is hidden behind the locked lids is specific, you can see the full list below and at HELP CASKETS. Before you choose which casket to open you can even see what has been won from already opened caskets!

When there are no prizes left, when the special prize has been claimed, or on the first of the month, the restless dead will reset the casket contents to full once more! There is a game announce when this happens!

CASKETS OPEN NUMBER <#> - open a specific unopened casket

CASKETS OPEN - open an unopened casket by coordinates

CASKETS OPENED - list all opened caskets

CASKETS CLOSED - list caskets still to be opened

CASKETS / - view a specific casket

See HELP CASKETS for all of the details on prizes and commands! Keys can be purchased off of the website (or as pieces if you prefer), and one can be purchased in the renown shop per player for this month.

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Dice Return!

Slightly delayed, but we're here now!

For the rest of September Polymegahedral Dice will be available at www.achaea.com/credits and lessons and credits will also remain on sale!

Lanterns will continue to be awarded as bonuses for dice rollers, and a polymegahedral dice has been added to the renown shop!

The full dice prize pool can be found at HELP POLYMEGAHEDRAL DICE, caches can be opened for Eldergods, Moderngods, and the new Memory talisman set!

Themed for the events of the past few months the Memory set contains the following talismans:

A miniature battle demon - TALISMAN INFO MEMORYDEMON

  • Priced at 60 credits
  • A minipet.

A reinforced barrel of explosives - TALISMAN INFO MEMORYBARREL

  • Priced at 300 credits
  • ROLL BARREL to use!
  • This infamous barrel may be rolled in a direction, and once it gets rolling it will roll for up to five rooms in that direction. For each room it passes through, it will annihilate all stone or icewalls in that room.
  • Note: It will not break walls in the initial room and requires they not be blocking the way, and closed doors as ever remain a foe too great for even the most mighty of magics.

A bound vow of vengeance - TALISMAN INFO MEMORYVOW

  • Priced at 400 credits
  • While holding this talisman, you may VOW VENGEANCE AGAINST .
  • They must be visible to you on the same continent, and once your vow is in place if you kill that person within the next ten minutes you will be greatly healed in body.
  • However, if you slay someone else first, your vow will come to nothing.
  • This carries a ten-minute cooldown.


  • Priced at 500 credits
  • This instrument has two functions.
  • First, you may INSPIRE AUDIENCE once every fifteen minutes to give everyone who considers you a mutual ally in your location the aria defence (as long as they aren't deaf).
  • Second, you may MORPH INTO to swap the instrument between various forms: harp, lyre, lute, and mandolin.

Dread wings of fathomless woe - TALISMAN INFO MEMORYWINGS

  • Priced at 800 credits
  • These grisly wings will serve as an alternative to wings of the eagle and will take you to the skies when invoked with the word DUANATHAR.


  • Priced at 1200 credits
  • If your starburst activates while holding this talisman, you will be inspired to great wrath, receiving a flat boost to your battlerage gauge.
  • You will only receive this boost once every ten minutes.


  • Priced at 1600 credits
  • Drop this spark in a non-city outdoors room and it will grow into a flame.
  • The next three corpses of people to be placed into the flame (PUT CORPSE IN FLAME) will be forced into the halls of the finality.
  • Note, this will not work on anyone who died within the limits of a city.


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The Kartha

The Kartha have pitched camp and these are now accessible!

Throughout the month of September, these foreigners will be hosting games, conversations, and trading with anyone who wishes to take part. So you can learn about the Kartha, their culture, and their traditions.

You can take this one step further by affiliating yourself with one of the tribes. To do this, you must speak to Tolos, the Attendant, who will be waiting for prospective supporters at 'Atop the Great Rock'.

To sign up, you must DECIDE KUYABA, DECIDE NOKTOV, or DECIDE UCHENNY to join any one of the three, respectively. Be careful, however: once this token is cast, your affiliation CANNOT be changed!

To learn more about each tribe, seek out Storyteller Ilis of the Kuyaba, Calypse, an ashen crone of the Noktov, and Urzya Ylska of the Uchenny, and listen to their stories. This will give you a better idea of what each tribe represents and whether your personal preferences and interests will align with theirs or not.

After an initial 72-hour (3 RL day) period, the "open" portion of sign-ups will be closed. After that, anyone who signs up will be assigned to the tribe with the fewest members, to ensure that everyone has a chance to compete and make a name for themselves throughout the month.

When you have joined a tribe, you will receive a bracelet. Make sure not to lose this, give it away, or have it stolen! Your bracelet is your key to recording your participation in the September celebration events.

When you attend an event GIVE your BRACELET TO THE ROLL-TAKER. This denizen will update your bracelet with a charm, allowing you to keep track of how many events you have attended! This will also reflect how the tribe you have chosen to support will see you; the more you partake of and excel at the challenges the tribes layout, the greater your reputation with them will rise.

As the month moves along, more surprises are in store, so keep an eye on UPCOMING for the schedule!

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