The Damned May Promotion

May has come upon us, and so we bid farewell to the wares of April and welcome the return of the Wheel of Fortune. For those unfamiliar, the wheel can be found in the Ace of Spades casino within New Thera, and you can purchase prismatic tokens off the website at You can also purchase a prismatic token from the renown shop during this month.

You can find the full list of what is available from the wheel under HELP WHEEL OF FORTUNE, but one particular new addition is a new card suit. Sleeves may now be opened for a new group: the DAMNED. This group contains the betrayed/betrayers suit and the new CATACOMBS suit. Here are the cards within:

Rhuzios, the Mummy Lord:

  • LDECK DRAW RHUZIOS : puts bandages on your target for three minutes. If they true die in your room (and a corpse that can be picked up would be generated), you get the corpse straight into your inventory.
  • Two charges, regens one every hour.

Underlord Dreyvos:

  • LDECK DRAW DREYVOS: the next poison based attack to hit you will deal zero damage, similar to held breath against asphyxiation damage. This affect fades naturally in one minute if it does not fire.
  • Two charges, regens one every hour.

Ulgase, the Lich Crone:

  • LDECK DRAW ULGASE: teleports you to a random graveyard (some more unpleasant than others!). Can only be drawn upon prime sapience and is blocked by a monolith (and respects room hinders).
  • Two charges, regens one every hour.

Malvoc, the Unholy:

  • LDECK DRAW MALVOC: for each soul in the local area you’ll be healed for 5% of your hp and said souls mana will be halved. For each ten present you’ll also be cured of an affliction, just if it really is a slaughter going on!
  • One charge, regenerates every two hours.

And of course, for the completion bonus: the ever deadly and most formidable of predators that stalks those unhallowed halls…

A giant slug.