Undeath Rises

Freed in mind by Knowing’s burden
Loosed in body by rended flesh
No longer soulbound, he does rise
Hearken now to Death’s Demise


In the 912th year after the fall of Seleucar, a dark influence plagued Sapience.

First, it was the undead of Azdun growing hungry and frenzied, devouring goblin, priestess, and Vertani alike. Then, the zombie constructs of a buckawn witchdoctor turned on their creator. Mummies in the desert, undead soldiers on Meropis, vengeful skeletons, water-logged draugar and more did rise – the undead were stirring, emboldened and afraid no more.

More and more of the life-bereft overwhelmed Sapience before a nauseating sensation was felt within the living. Vision blurred and all bore witness to the sight that followed: Slith, Heir to the Throne and Lord of Undeath rose from his cursed seat with a low, grating chuckle. Free at last, the Prince of the Underworld was prepared to enact his vengeance, and that he did.

Grasped in the hand of Death’s slayer was a crimson ruby, glowing with a strange unlight. While the living were left enraptured, Slith thrust the jewel deep into the very heart of the Soulbleed Nexus. The vision felt across the realm shattered and the raw essence of Soulbleed rose up from the terminus of Yggdrasil into the Azdun Dungeon, spilling over ashen dirt and grave soil in a flash of dark energy and spectral fog.

The Underworld has come to the Prime to conquer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Freed by unseen machinations, Slith has empowered the Soulbleed Nexus and spread the influence of the Underworld to Sapience with the intent to conquer and take his revenge.