2023 Marches On!

We’ll be continuing to closely watch conquest as we move through March, and you can also expect classleads to open later in the month. We’ve also got some big plans for the rest of the year that will begin shaping up this month!

Over at www.achaea.com/credits Globes of Shifting Continents are back and keys to the Delos Bank vaults will be available for the duration of March!

All of the Vault prizes can be found in HELP DELOSBANKVAULT and Globes of Shifting Continents contain a variety of prizes upon being opened, including:

  • Talisman caches, containing pieces from the Conclave, Marks, and Races sets (pick which set you’d like when opening).
  • Card sleeves, containing one card from the deck of legends in each. These cards trade in for 33 bound credits, so even if you do not want what you get, you’re not out of pocket.
  • Mayan crowns.
  • Bloodstained shards.
  • Customisation credits.
  • Artefact discount vouchers.
  • A range of artefacts, from very small ones all the way up to statistic altering ones.
  • Free reincarnations/trait resets(*).
  • Additional tradeskill slots(*).
  • Small bonuses such as racetrack tickets or shop carts. These will always be awarded alongside another prize and are not factored into the value of your globe’s contents.
  • You will not receive free reincarnations, trait resets, or additional tradeskill slots if you already have a means by which to reset your race/traits via artefacts or other means in the former’s case, or have 3 or more bonus slots already in the latter’s case. You’ll receive a different prize instead.

In addition, every 500th globe that is opened will receive a bonus prize: an OFFSPRING TALISMAN.

For globe buyers who have an Iron Elite membership, every 10 globes you buy earns you a free globe. This is cumulative across purchases, so if you buy 3 globes today and 7 globes next week, you’ll still get your free globe!

Finally, for 10,000 renown you can purchase a globe from the renown shop once during March!