The Magic of Memory

Frigid winds gusted across the tundra of Sapience, rippling Pryla’ari’s robes as she trekked across the snow. The Tsol’dasi priestess did not mind, for she was well accustomed to cold and had a stalwart goal in mind: further mastery of Memory.

She arrived on the Prelatorian Highway and dusted herself free of frost with a contented sigh, only to quickly be swarmed by adventurers from all walks of life. Some were familiar, others were not, but nonetheless Pryla’ari shared her goals to all and they were beyond eager to lend a hand. In order to enact her ritual, the Priestess of Life required connections not only to the memories of events past but to the Elements of Water, Air, and Fire.

Fire was to be acquired first and it had to come from fabled Minia, more specifically the Ember Tower. Barred by ogres most competent, the Priestess and gathered adventurers sought out a young dwarf by the name of Khovez to breach the lands and acquire the flame they needed. He agreed and set off to strike a deal with the imp alchemist. One fresh pixie corpse later, and he had a smouldering torch in hand – a source of Fire was acquired.

Moving on to darker and more vile lands, Pryla’ari and her flock of helpful souls began a search in Creville for water both ancient and untouched by the foulness that pervaded the asylum. Eventually, they travelled underground and found a water agate containing exactly what they needed on the shore of a lake. It was not unguarded though, as something within the stagnant reservoir lashed out with massive tentacles to wrap tight any who sought to take its stone. United in purpose, the adventures did outnumber the grasping appendages and when the creature could hold no more in its limbs, the agate was theirs – a source of Water was acquired.

Lastly, the Priestess needed a source of Air from the demesne of the Western Wind. Up the boughs of Yggdrasil climbed a vanguard of elemental-slaying dragons as Pryla’ari returned to Falaq’tor to prepare for her ritual. A half day later, the adventurers returned victorious, trekking north to rejoin the Fifth Seat of the Conclave with their prize: five cores of purest wind. The triad of Elements was ready, and so the ritual began.

Melding Air, Water, and Fire together, Pryla’ari conjured forth illusions of events past before reaching across the ether in a display of magic befitting only those of the Conclave. Into fabled Memory she did tap, infusing the mirage with solidity and reality of that which once Was before casting it across Sapience. Her work was done, her ritual was a success, and new challenges awaited any intrepid willing to face the past.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Pryla’ari travelled to central Sapience and with the assistance of many adventurers acquired all she needed to perform a ritual in Falaq’tor. The result of this act of magic was the conjuring forth of two new forays from the depths of Memory: the Creville foray and the Ember Tower foray.