Growth From the Ashes

It was in the month of Chronos, 902 years after the fall of the Seleucarian empire that a tremendous shockwave shook Targossas. Shopfronts jingled and the waters of the Silverveil broke the banks, drawing the attention of the Dawnspear and driving them to scour the streets for the source. Only when they arrived in the Temple of Light did something catch their eye: the Font of Growth had been cracked. Confused and worried, the citizens had more questions than they had answers. Was it the quake that damaged this relic? Or was the quake merely an effect? Who could have done this?

In wake of this revelation, the Lightbringer descended to grace Her city within the chamber of Growth. Frowning, the Goddess looked at the relic of Her own design and the flaw it now beared, and in Her judgement She decreed that it would not be fixed. Instead, the citizens of the Dawnspear were to destroy the font and from its ashes erect a new relic to embody the Phoenix’s aspect of Growth.

And so, the Targossians turned to the Flames of the Dawn, a relic of the Bloodsworn’s design that could harness Protean energies and shatter the Font of Growth to splinters. Zealous soldiers marched across sandy desert and fog-touched isle alike, hunting the lesser eidolons of Her enemies and casting their flesh into the hungry brazier to crackle and burn. The Flames roared and the followers of Light and Fire were ready.


On the 1st of Miraman, 904 years after the fall of the Seleucarian empire, the Daystar awoke to shine bright over a gathered Dawnspear. Dawnlord Myrrdin D’Ischai led the ritual, preaching the scripture of Ethian’s Accord between anointed blessings and choruses of prayer. His faith stoked like a hearth, the Rasul beseeched the Goddess of Light and the Flames of the Dawn did respond, soaring over the city to set him ablaze as a living, burning pyre. He struggled forward and pressed a palm against the Font of Growth, unleashing the energies wreathing him to shatter Light’s sacred relic into naught but shards.

Shimmering in the sunlight, the vitreous fragments fell across Targossas like the splinterfall of a Nishnatoban crusade. The citizens were quick to gather each and every remnant before convening in the Temple of Light to discuss their fate. It was decided that the shards would be cast into the Silverveil to bless the holy waters. The river surged and roiled in response, swelling like a tide as new life slithered up from its depths to gaze upon Creation: the Silverveil moccasin, a new species of snake inhabiting the Eastern Reaches.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: In the wake of a shockwave, the city of Targossas found the Font of Growth cracked and damaged. Invoking the Flames of the Dawn, they shattered the broken relic and cast the shards in the Silverveil, an act that brought forth a new species of snake within the river: the Silverveil moccasin.