Championship Group Riddles

As this is a new event for the Championship Games, here are some guidelines.

When the riddle is announced, a riddling team must be following the person who they wish to support in earning Championship points, and this Championship Contender (now referred to as “contender”) will join the riddle!

For Championship Contenders:
Contender! Your riddle team must be FOLLOWING (so that they all show in entourage) you when you join the riddle. This will create your riddle team. Team members cannot join late.

  • This will create a riddle team and a group chat (parties are appropriate for use as well).
  • Your riddle team must be a minimum of 3 people.
  • Everyone in the group will have access to the RIDDLE command for the team, but only the Contender may submit guesses.
  • You will be the one who earns Championship points.
  • You will have access to RIDDLETALK in order to access any live hints given.
  • Your credit winnings (if any) will be unbound so that you can split them amongst your team if desired.
  • To best combat and protect against accusations of cheating, we ask that communication be contained within the party or riddle group. With this change in format, we will be taking these seriously. We know that Discord and other groups are prevalent, but if your team is accused of cheating and your riddling party chat in game is silent when investigated, you may well be disqualified. (Show your workings!)

For Supporting Riddlers:
You must be FOLLOWING (so that you show as in entourage) your Contender when they join the riddle. This will create the riddle team with all of you in it!

  • You will have access to the RIDDLE command to access the current clue and other information.
  • You will have access to RIDDLETALK in order to access any live hints given.
  • You will NOT be able to guess.
  • GT will offer a group chat, parties are acceptable here too (much like forays)!
  • Your contender will be the one who earns the Championship points.
  • You cannot quit the riddle if you are part of a team.

RIDDLE JOIN Contender only when they have their team all in their entourage.
RIDDLE Everyone in the riddle, shows the clue, guess numbers, and any other information.
RIDDLE GUESS Contender only – make a guess.
Some riddles may require you to be in a specific location when you make your guess.
Watch the word count and make sure your answer matches it.
RIDDLE QUIT Contender only – disband your team and drop out of the riddle.
You cannot rejoin the riddle once you quit.

The RIDDLE GUESS command doesn’t care about capitalisation, punctuation, or certain common small words such as a, an, the. So these two guesses are the same:
RIDDLE GUESS Nevaharr, Tezlari-tarin, and Matic
RIDDLE GUESS nevaharr tezlaritarin matic

1st place wins 200 credits and 12 Championship points.
2nd place wins 175 credits and 10 Championship points.
3rd place wins 150 credits and 8 Championship points.
4th place wins 125 credits and 6 Championship points.
5th place wins 100 credits and 5 Championship points.
6th place wins 75 credits and 4 Championship points.
7th place wins 50 credits and 3 Championship points.
8th place wins 25 credits and 2 Championship points.
9th place wins 10 credits and 1 Championship points.
10th place wins 10 credits and 0.5 Championship points.

HELP GROUP RIDDLES contains all of this information!