Nefarious Experiments

My Lord,

As commanded, I write to you this missive to enumerate the ways in which I have failed to uphold my duties to you. Furthermore, as ordered, I have had myself suitably punished, but I will accept any and all future disciplinary actions that may rectify my gross ineptitude.

It brings me no joy to relive the humiliation endured at the hands of this Vivitas fellow. After injecting me with some kind of paralytic, he carried my body back to the hidden tunnels underneath Creville Asylum, where I was held captive and forced to use my unique skills in Necromancy and reanimation to bring forth creatures of amalgamated body parts. Oh, he spared no detail in telling me his warped schemes! I would have been impressed if I weren’t so upset at my imposed captivity and my inability to return to your service.

He told me he was hired as an apprentice to one of those doctors in the Asylum, Xzavien. During his apprenticeship, he stole supplies for his secret experiments while purchasing materials he could not scavenge within the Asylum from the various city-states across Sapience. It was only once he got careless that his project was discovered, and luckily a bunch of those adventurers you hate turned up and stormed the tunnels.

I will have myself punished once more for even writing this, Lord, but I was saved by a bunch of Mhaldorian slaves who escorted me back into your service. Meanwhile, the chimeric entities that I had a hand in creating were put to the sword. The Mhaldorian priest who had escorted me mentioned that Vivitas had injected himself with some kind of serum, transforming himself from a man into a beast! I regret to inform you that I was unable to acquire anything we might use to further our work with the dryads, though the tunnels are still open for investigation.

In service.
Your Witchdoctor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Vivitas, a scientist from Creville, unleashed a horde of warped chimeric amalgamations from tunnels underneath the Creville Asylum. After transforming himself into a terrible wolf-like being, he was defeated by a group of adventurers.