November is Here!

Hold onto your hats, everyone, November is going to be a LOT!

Championship games kick off this weekend. Everyone should be here on Saturday for the Treasure Hunt, a manic panic of a scurry around the land where digging gives you the chance to unearth artefacts! This only lasts as long as the buried treasures do, so don’t be late!

The Treasure Hunt marks the beginning of the 902 AF Championship Games, where adventurers from all corners can try their best leveraging wit, skill, and connections to prove themselves worthy of the Staff of Nicator and access to the Keep at Nicator’s Crossing. All of the Championship Games award credit prizes, so even if you’re not in the running for the staff, show up and do your best!

Overall Championship:
1st: The Staff of Nicator
-AND- the Keep at Nicator’s Crossing
-AND- your choice of 2000cr
-OR- 1 year of Iron Elite membership and a trip to the Artefact vault.
2nd – 10th: Credit prizes based on position.

Championship events:
In addition to Championship points, credit prizes will be awarded to the top 10 competitors at all Championship games. A commemorative prize will also be given at the end of the Games to anyone who earns Championship points.

Alongside the high stakes games, UPCOMING also has the list of other periphery fun! The Itinerant Bazaar will return, Makesh will have Championship wares on sale, we’ll be running ship races, a quiz, a drinking contest, and more for prizes! A series of auctions will also open on the 11th of November and run until the end of the 20th!

The Championship Games conclude on the 13th, where we all get a chance to breathe for a week until the CTF kicks off on the 19th. This is a city vs city contest across mainland Sapience vying for the Effigy of Victory! This will be the standard variant with moving hills and will last for 2 hours!

With all of this going on, Delos will be featuring discounts in the artefact shops (this does not include the Talisman shop, Shop of Wonders, or House of Wonders.) The Wheel of Fortune will also be live in New Thera and a Prismatic Token will be added to the Renown shop.

Over at you will be able to buy Prismatic tokens for the Wheel of Fortune, lesson packages will be available for those chasing that new class or tradeskill, and the Artefact Cart will return!

For the unfamiliar (or if you just want a refresher), the Artefact Cart lets you add your artefacts to your shopping cart on the website and purchase them at a discounted rate directly (30% discount by default, 40% if you have an Iron Elite membership). Do note that you do need to be logged in on the website to buy artefacts in this way, so to be sure that your elite bonus always applies if applicable!

On top of the standard 30/40% discount, we’re also discounting select artefact categories throughout the month (approximately an additional 10% discount). These do not affect the Delos discount in game.

1st through 7th – Offensive artefacts and Defensive artefacts
8th through 14th – Stat and regen artefacts and artefact armour.
15th through 21st – Miscellaneous artefacts and Crafting and Tradeskill artefacts.
22nd to end of month – All class artefacts.