Bon Voyage!

Voyages are now live again! Including the Grievous voyage!

Many changes have been made to the voyage processes, ensuring that voyages require ship and crew and sailing. Previous alternative methods of completing voyages may not be available anymore, if you find yourself stuck using a voyage method that was previously viable, revisit the quest text and given information.

Main updates:

  • 1 voyage per ship at a time, and 1 voyage per person at a time.
  • VOYAGE syntax for information, captain, and crew options. Also embarking.
  • Only the Captain of the voyage may disband it.
  • Crew can abandon a voyage to step away.
  • Captains can dismiss someone from the voyage crew if necessary.
  • Personal cooldown for the voyage goes into effect for captain if disbanded, for crew member if abandoned.
  • Voyages can expire so a ship won’t be held hostage if a voyage goes uncompleted.
  • A Windcutter can have up to 3 crew + captain = 4 total.
  • A Sea Strider can have up to 5 crew + captain = 6 total.
  • A War Galley can have up to 7 crew + captain = 8 total.
  • Captain and entire crew must meet eligibility requirements for a voyage.
    These include prior voyage completions, and not on voyage cooldown.
  • All crew must be in Ship Captain’s entourage when Captain goes to embark upon a voyage.
  • VOYAGEBUG syntax has been added for filing voyage-related bugs.

Gold, talisman, and experience rewards will likely be tweaked as we observe how these changes affect voyaging over the next couple of weeks.

If you find any bugs, or if something seems overly or underly rewarding, or if you think something isn’t working, please let us know.
VOYAGEBUG , please supply as much information as possible!

See HELP VOYAGES for all of this information and more detail!