The dead are restless…

Hey everyone,

We’ve had a few requests to put the Delos Bank promotion live this month (as there will be no time before the end of year otherwise). We didn’t really think it was on theme for October, but… now it is!

Instead of visiting Delos, you may now visit the Tomacula graveyard and begin plundering the caskets of the restless dead instead of the reclaimed bank vaults. Here are the relevant details (if you’re already familiar with the previous promotion you can basically skip this, just be aware you’ll want to use the CASKETS command instead of DELOSBANK and the different location).

When you have a complete key you can visit the Tomacula graveyard, where they will have an array of 64 caskets waiting to be unlocked (in an 8×8 grid). The prize list that is hidden behind the locked lids is specific, you can see the full list below and at HELP DELOSBANKVAULT. Before you choose which casket to open you can even see what has been won from already opened caskets!

When there are no prizes left, when the special prize has been claimed, or on the first of the month, the restless dead will reset the casket contents to full once more! There is a game announce when this happens!

CASKETS OPEN NUMBER <#> – open a specific unopened casket
CASKETS OPEN – open an unopened casket by coordinates
CASKETS OPENED – list all opened caskets
CASKETS CLOSED – list caskets still to be opened
CASKETS / – view a specific casket

See HELP CASKETS for all of the details on prizes and commands! Keys can be purchased off of the website (or as pieces if you prefer), and one can be purchased in the renown shop per player in addition to pumpkins for this month.