The Fayad!

Hey folks,

Today, we are very pleased to bring you Achaea’s newest race, the fayad! With the village in the Aerinewild now fully released and opened to the public, the fayad have had time enough to intermingle with the population of Achaea at large.

Any player may now choose fayad at character creation. Furthermore, you will be able to REINCARNATE into a fayad using any of the usual methods of reincarnation.

Fayad are the children of Titania, the Dryad Queen and Oberion, King of the Sidhe Court. They are a bewitching race of creatures sprung from this most magical of unions, capricious and fluid beings who have only recently joined the other races of the world. As of this posting, they are still a very young and as yet naive race, ever curious and eager to learn all they can about every facet of the world around them.

Along with this release and the ever-changing nature the fayad have brought with them, characters are now able to change their pronouns once an Achaean month. This can be done at the Everglade within the Aerinewild village. This includes he, she, and fae pronouns.

You can find information about this new race, along with the means to change pronouns, all located within HELP FAYAD.