Championship Games Schedule!

In less than 30 days the 902 AF Championship games will begin! We will have a few changes for this tournament, but today we want to get the schedule up so that you can plan and prepare ahead.

Details for the changes will be announced closer to the games themselves, and there will be many more dates/times added to this lineup for non point-related events (like the CTF, the itinerant bazaar, and the ship races!)

Please bear in mind that all times and dates are in GMT, not adjusted for DST. Daylight savings time will be ending in the UK before the Games begin, but just after the Games begin in the US.

UPCOMING will be your main guide for these.

Saturday 5th 18:00 Games opening – treasure hunt
Saturday 5th 21:00 World Race (for points)
Sunday 6th 12:00 Group Riddles (for points)
Monday 7th 00:00 XP event begins (for points)
Double XP for the duration of XP event
Friday 11th 23:59 XP event and double XP end
Saturday 12th 17:00 Twins tournament starts (for points)
Sunday 13th 15:00 Worldgames Extravaganza (for points)

Group riddles will be replacing the Quiz for Championship points, details on this, and all of the events will be forthcoming as we get closer to the time!