A Smashing Good Time

October! The month of horror! (Somehow)

We’ve got a few things lined up for you all this month. Unnaturally, it is Mayaween, and thus returns the Grim Fayre and associated ghastly entities, so keep your eyes open for those. Unrelated to that, we have a major announcement you can expect in the next couple of days that we’re really excited for, so keep an eye on the news!

As for the promotion this month, pumpkins have made a magnificent return. Here are the details:
– Every 100 credits bought off the website awards a pumpkin.
– Every 200, the pumpkin will be a carved one rather than a magnificent one. So functionally, every 200 credits you buy gets you one magnificent pumpkin and one carved pumpkin.
– Your first 100 credits of the month will award an additional magnificent pumpkin.
– Every 500 credits purchased awards a bonus carved pumpkin.
– Your awards will be cumulative across purchases, so you could purchase 100, 100, 200, 100 and still get your bonus carved pumpkin.

So… why do I want the worlds most expensive pumpkin, let alone multiples?

So that you can SMASH them, of course!

When SMASHing a pumpkin, you can choose from a list of prizes. These are as follows:

Magnificent pumpkins can be smashed for a card sleeve, a shard of bloodstained enamel, or a page from the tome of Muses!

Carved pumpkins can be smashed for all of the prizes that magnificent pumpkins can be, but they also have the options of an appropriately themed vial for the month, a Mayan crown, or a talisman cache which can be opened for any promotional set (excluding the Moderngods set from last month).

Pumpkins are tradeable, and the renown shop has been updated for this month to provide an appropriately magnificent option.

Happy smashing!