Magic Is In The Aerinewild

As the Festival of the Divine wore on, the Dryad Gardens erupted in celebration – the Queen was expecting.

Given their unique heritage of Fae and Dryad, the children were not contained within a traditional womb but instead given physical form as seedlings upon Queen Titania’s oak. As the Dryads celebrated, a strong wind scoured the Ithmias, and the children dispersed into the firmament like so many dandelions. With that, the Fae and Dryad progeny scattered to the whims of the wind.

A small cohort of adventurers soon gathered around the Dryad Queen, their objective clear: locate the scattered children and procure a suitable home for them to grow in.

Eventually, the adventurers were able to deduce that the Aerinewild Forest was the only suitable locale for beings such as these – a perfect amalgamation of magic and Nature.

Adrik, Evisi, Moroa, Aodfionn, Stheno, Brashone, Finnegan and many others contributed to planting the first generation within the soil, the seedlings taking to the Forest instantly as they began to grow.

Adrik, Moroa, Blackwillow, Lior, and Xylon then tirelessly endured ensuring the seedlings were taken care of, watering them with locally-sourced Annwyn water for months.

Finally, a young Siren walked through the Aerinewild Forest and felt the ground shake, a slight shimmer cascading down through the leaves as something stirred. Realising something was amiss, Faelynn consulted Eleusis and Queen Titania was notified. Her children were ready.

With the help of a large Eleusian group alongside a Targossian cohort and a few others, the Queen and her handmaiden were able to construct a creche for the children in the trees of the forest, the assembled adventurers offering prayers, sigils, and rituals respective to their differing faiths to bless the ground.

Finally, Oberion, King of the Fairies stationed his elite guard unit to ensure his progeny was sufficiently protected. Once the children were secure, the air stirred as doves took flight bearing invitations to a royal reception in honour of the newfound life.

The children await their gifts, just as the world waits to see what they become.


Summary: Titania and Oberion conceived children, which were eventually planted within the Aerinewild Forest. Having hatched, they were secured within a creche in the forest, in preparation for a royal reception involving all of Sapience’s leadership